I'm Not Sorry For Wanting To Be Feminine

In a culture that deems the very idea of femininity as fluid, it can be so difficult to embrace natural femininity in all its wonder. When even the definition of woman is on the brink of annexation, embracing your womanhood can feel futile.

By Anna Livia Brady2 min read
shutterstock I'm Not Sorry For Wanting To Be Feminine

At worst, society can call you patriarchal for striving for ideals such as a masculine husband or a nuclear family. At best, they call you boring or conventional.

But let me assure you: you are wanted and needed. Your womanly strength and assertive compassion provide peace and warmth in the workplace, at home, and among your friends, no matter where you are in life. Just by being a woman, you face the unique challenge to demonstrate the beauty of seasonal change, of metanoia. Through our suffering and perseverance, we bring new life and humanity, and our response to adversity is the very thing that inspires men to protect and provide. We crave protection because we are worth it. 

Your womanly strength and assertive compassion provide peace and warmth.

To be a woman is to embrace stability, and in a way, to die to self. But what exactly does that mean? In short, dying to self means being selfless, laying down your own life for the lives of those around you. Women make so many sacrifices that go mocked. If we put a little effort into our appearance or take a few minutes to tidy the space around us, we’re giving in to the patriarchal narrative that women should look pretty and clean up for the sake of men. 

And I want to challenge that narrative, firstly by asking why it’s so necessary to ridicule women if you’re all for their liberation? Secondly, I’ll assert my take that it’s empowering, as women, to bring beauty to those around us. Why stifle our eye for design in the home or our creative touch in applying our favorite shade of lipstick? Any time we’re allowed to express our feminine genius without shame or judgment, we prompt a more civil and just society, which in turn helps everyone. 

It’s empowering, as women, to bring beauty to those around us. 

Nowadays, the nonbinary initiative seeks to allow people to express their gender on their terms however they see fit. While I would never tell others how to dress or assert themselves, I strive to challenge the idea of self-expression above societal good. 

Hear me out. Young people in our culture struggle to embrace adulthood, as demonstrated by the "adulting" jokes we see everywhere. Women like us, on the other hand, are fully aware of our womanhood and our adulthood. We know who we are. We have integrity. We see ourselves as a beacon of goodness and virtue for those around us. We love ourselves, knowing that self-respect ultimately transfers into a greater love, but we know that life doesn’t revolve around us. We’re givers, muses, and the best stewards imaginable. 

Closing Thoughts

So to all my fellow women out there, keep being unapologetically feminine. You are wonderfully made, and the world needs you more than ever.

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