How To Style The Perfect Coffee Station At Home

If your New Year’s resolution was to save money by making coffee at home, welcome to the club! Being your own barista doesn’t have to be boring, though, especially if you create a cute coffee station somewhere in your home.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen2 min read
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One thing we’re happy to declare “out” for our next era is bar carts and glorified social drinking. If you already have a bar cart attracting dust in the corner, this is a perfect opportunity to transition it into something more functional (and cute!) for romanticizing your everyday routine. Cafecore is a trend we can all get behind! 

You can craft the perfect coffee station, complete with all the necessities for your favorite beverage, at home – without spending an outrageous amount of money at coffee chains this year. Stock your personal coffee bar with your favorite coffee beans, tea assortments, coffee syrups, and whatever else you may need to make delicious coffee in your pajamas. Plus, a coffee station is a great addition to your next party or gathering, so you can tap into your inner hostess and offer your guests quality coffee beverages without having to leave your home! 

And if you already have a coffee set-up in your kitchen, take this guide as inspiration to spice it up with an updated appliance, cuter mugs, or some feminine decor pieces. After all, there’s no reason why your morning cup of joe can’t also spark joy!

Find the Perfect Coffee Station Location

Have a lone coffee machine in your kitchen already? Is there a better location in your kitchen or dining room for your coffee set-up? Your home is your unique space, so the location of your coffee station might not be the same as influencers online, and that’s okay! 

Clear off a bit of counter space next to your mug cupboard, clean out a kitchen nook, or even thrift a cheaper piece of furniture (like a bookcase) to build your coffee station on. The aesthetic of your coffee station will revolve around your chosen space. 

Choose an Aesthetic

Love neutral colors? Farmhouse decor? Already have a themed kitchen? Your coffee bar should fit within the overall aesthetic of your home, but it can also be a unique space where your decor reflects the season or your favorite warm beverage. If you like a natural look, make sure to keep all the wood pieces within the same tone and add greenery for color. Balance a neutral coffee bar with a festive decoration or add a small stack of pretty books to liven up the space. 

When designing your coffee station, start with your appliances to see how much space you need to fill. Grab your coffee supplies and organize them visually in jars, a drawer, or a cabinet. Then add your finishing touches, such as a cute sign, a wooden cutting board, or even your mug display. 

Here’s some inspiration to help you get started! 

Avoid Clutter

Building an aesthetic coffee station in your home doesn’t necessarily require expensive, state-of-the-art appliances. However, the accumulation of different tools and decor can cause clutter and stress in your home, which is not a great way to start out! One of the easiest ways to create a cozy and uncluttered caffeination spot is with coordinating mugs. 

While some women may favor eclectic mugs, the differences in shapes, colors, and patterns can lead to a visual jumble that is not pleasing to the eye. Keeping your mugs in the same color group will add an aesthetic touch, even if they’re not all the same style! 

Organize in Cute and Functional Ways

Say it with me: Organization can be fun! One of the best parts of having a visual display of coffee-related items is the potential for cute organization. Clear jars with labels, gold accent spoons and syrup pumps, mug racks, and more – there are so many ways to add your personal style to the organization of your coffee bar. If you love the TikTok restock videos, you know that the number one rule of aesthetic organization is to remove brand labels and ugly packaging from products. Instead, buy coordinating reusable containers that are more sustainable for your space! 

Coffee Station Must-Haves

Now that you have found the perfect spot in your kitchen and picked an aesthetic for your space, you’re ready to begin styling according to your coffee preferences. Instead of reaching for your Starbucks app, grab a few bags of coffee beans from a local shop, head to the store for your favorite oat milk, search for delicious coffee syrups, and then create your perfect cup of coffee right at home!

If you need to update your appliances or grab a few new mugs before sipping your custom coffee creation, check out our shopping recommendations for the cutest coffee station! 

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