How To Perfectly Organize Every Room In Your Home

I’m sure we’ve all seen those wonderfully satisfying videos of women stocking their pantry with snacks in clear plastic containers, filling drawer organizers with face masks and travel-size shampoos in their bathrooms, and color coordinating their closets and drawers.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen4 min read
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An organized space is a happy one, and it provides the relaxation you’re looking for when you are home. Recent research shows that the amount of clutter in your home is directly related to your stress level as a woman. Clutter produces increased levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, which can lead to its own slew of psychological and physiological struggles. Why would you want more stress in your life? 

I’d even argue that the number one way to upgrade your life in your 20s is to create an organized space that sparks joy and makes life easier. It may seem overwhelming to completely overhaul and redo every drawer in your home, but it’s a worthwhile goal as spring cleaning approaches. Take it one day (and one drawer) at a time, and you will quickly realize that it was worth the time and effort to organize your space. 

If you need some inspiration by way of TikTok (because same), here are some of my favorite organization accounts and videos. 

And remember – don’t just organize your clutter, organize your life! Let’s get into it! 

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General Organizational Tips

Don’t get so caught up in organizing your space that you forget to go through your items as you do it. What’s the point of cleaning out your closet if that one shirt you never wear has its own space? Get rid of the things you don’t need or like or use, and then organize the rest of your stuff accordingly. 

Just know that organizers and bins and other great items can be expensive if you plan on doing the whole house at the same time. Take each room at a time, find what works best for the space, and see how it uplifts your mood every day. And another thought on organizational products – if they’re going to be seen, the organizing bins need to be the same color. One of the easiest ways to ruin your hard work is to organize your things in mismatched bins that make you cringe! 

Your Bedroom

Maybe you’ve seen the “show your nightstand” trend on TikTok. Did you look at your nightstand in horror afterward? If you did, let’s fix it right now! In five minutes, you can declutter the space closest to where you sleep…which is a good thing. Throw away trash, wrap up your phone chargers, remove that cup that’s been there for days (I see you, ok?), and clean off the dusty surface. Now, this next step is crucial! Don’t simply put back everything you just removed. Does it have an everyday purpose? Do you like the way it looks? Is it supposed to go on your nightstand? 

Ask yourself these questions and then find a solution. Your nightstand might have a book, a journal, a coaster, and your phone charger. Maybe you add a small vase of flowers. Whatever inspires you…but without clutter. 

Then, apply this method to every other surface in your bedroom. You got this!

Your Bathroom

Bathroom organization is fairly simple. In the drawers, separate items according to usage and item type. While it may seem like an obvious conclusion, don’t place your everyday items in a hard-to-reach location because that encourages you to leave your space cluttered after use. 

These clear pull-out drawer organizers are a cute way to store extra makeup and skincare products, as well as extra toothbrushes and the rest of your toiletries. They’re stackable, can fit under your sink, and are super easy to clean. 

Your Kitchen

One of my favorite kitchen hacks for organization is the uniformity of spice jars. Because of the different shapes, colors, and lids types in your spice rack, this section of your kitchen tends to look and feel chaotic, even if you know where everything is. This set of clear spice jars, each with a matching sticker label, is your key to relaxing in your kitchen. 

The pantry is likely another area of clutter in your kitchen. Depending on the size and location of your kitchen pantry, as well as how much food you typically stock, there are a few different solutions for organization. Step one is to go through all the cans and items you purchased at the beginning of the pandemic (panic buying, anyone?), check expiration dates, and get rid of expired items. 

Your fridge doesn’t need a ton of organizers either. Structure the inside of your fridge based on the items you use most often, make room for condiments and leftovers, and don’t overstock your fridge with drinks prior to heading to the grocery store. However, this set of clear stackable containers (with lids!) is perfect for storing cut fruit, salad leftovers, and anything else you don’t want to put in old Tupperware. 

And if you want to participate in the viral candy drawer trend (because who doesn’t??), grab these containers from The Home Edit and fill them with your favorite seasonal candies for a fun touch to your kitchen!

Your Closets

Linen closets, walk-in closets, and more need to be organized well for several reasons. If your clothing is not easily accessible, then you won’t know what you have, leading to either overspending on clothing or having an entire wardrobe of clothes you don’t wear. One of the easiest ways to create a cohesive and organized closet (that looks nice) is to only use one size and color for your clothing hangers. There is something about an entire closet of white hangers that is aesthetically pleasing and more organized than those bright mismatched hangers. 

And if you need to do a complete overhaul of your wardrobe, check out our list of things you can do right now to have better style this year! 

For your linen closet, grab these clothing storage bins that can be filled with seasonal tablecloths, sheets, extra blankets, and whatever else you need stored. Out of sight, out of mind in the best way! 

Your Living Room 

Two words: functional decor. If something is going to be displayed in your living room, try to choose pieces that have a purpose other than simply being decorative. This will limit the clutter on your mantel and coffee table, but it will also help you keep an organized and clean space for entertaining and relaxing. Baskets are a great way to decorate and organize your living space because it takes the focus away from the stuff inside! 

Here are a few pieces of functional decor tools that will help organize your space in style!

Rattan Box with Glass Lid, $68-$98

8 Piece Beauty Drawer Edit, $20

Townhouse Decorative Ladder, $128

6 Piece Kitchen Drawer Edit, $25

Tori Swivel Rack, $128

5 Piece Laundry Edit, $20

Avery Shoe Rack, $168

Barbra Stackable Wire Storage Bin, $28

Carson Magazine Rack, $88

Headband Organizer, $13

A storage ottoman is a great piece of furniture (and functional decor) for your living space as well if you're looking to invest. It provides a footrest, an extra chair for gatherings, and you can store blankets in it year-round. 

Freya Storage Ottoman, $698

Closing Thoughts

Keeping an organized home is a great goal. Whether you are planning on a full overhaul of your home or just need to fix a cabinet or two, small progress is still progress! 

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