How To Seduce A Man Without Resorting To Sex

Cutting right to sex is many of today’s women’s motive in trying to keep a man’s fleeting attention and interest in the modern dating environment.

By Jenny White4 min read
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With sex-saturated media, soft-core porn literature, and smutty entertainment, many women don’t seem to be aware that they can (and should) leave sex at the coat-check in order to find lasting fulfillment with any man in any relationship.

For the wise and skilled woman who understands how men think and how they operate, both emotionally and biologically, seducing a man is a cakewalk in terms of bonding with a man beyond sex. 

Can a woman really “seduce” a man without sex? Yes, she can. Here’s how…

First, let us define the word “seduction” and what it’s said to entail:

1: the act of seducing

especiallythe enticement of a person to sexual intercourse

2: something that seducesTEMPTATION

3: something that attracts or charms

We’re going to focus on the third definition because the word “seduction” is often spuriously thrown around in limiting itself to enticing “unsuspecting” men into engaging in sexual acts. When in reality, seduction focuses on attracting and charming a man into doing exactly what he wants without him realizing he’s being seduced.

It’s a willful decision on the man’s part to be a highly enthusiastic participant in the act of seduction to the extent he can’t resist the woman, and he can’t resist being seduced by her.

Women are under the false assumption that their pouty lips and exposed body parts are sufficient for the act of seduction. These are fitting primarily for the act of sex itself, not in seducing a man through his mind, heart, soul, and his entire masculine being.

Seduction Is How You Make Him Feel in Making Full Use of His Five Senses

A man’s five senses should be every woman’s playful merry-go-round in the act of seducing a man:

He wants to see the potential of love and sex as the end goal.

He wants to hear sultry words from a woman that make him feel coveted and desired.

He wants to know what it could potentially feel like to touch and embrace the woman enticing him.

He wants to smell a woman’s desire coming at him a mile away, and he longs to be suffocated by it.

And he wants to taste the “victory” in finally having you. 

It’s your job to skillfully make him aware these are all a distinct possibility, NOT a certainty. When sex is a done deal and men don’t have to work for the excitement and pleasure in attaining a woman’s affections and adoration, they devalue the sex, and they devalue the woman too

Men don’t devalue a woman intentionally per se, but men and people in general want what they can’t have. They suddenly must have whatever it is that’s dangling on a string like a carrot in their face.

If you can manage to let his curiosity (and libido) run wild at the possibility of having you, he can’t help but fully desire to be seduced by you. It becomes very much like a drug to him – the cycles of dopamine, the heart-racing adrenaline, the gut-wrenching “let down” before he’s had the chance to finally win the woman over, etc. It becomes his go-to drug of choice.

As a woman, you hold the master key to his every seductive wish and desire.

Seduction is uniquely powerful and irresistible. As a woman, you hold the master key to his every seductive wish and desire. Space out your seduction techniques in consistent yet unpredictable patterns, while accompanying powerful doses of “what ifs” over a sustained period of time, and he’s as good as yours.

Why an Air of Mystery Is Crucial for Seduction

Along with letting a man realize the potential of what he could have if/when he can win you over, you must be willing to let the mystery behind it fill the entirety of his manly and mindful “plots and schemes” in order to win you.

When will I have this woman?

How on earth can I have her?

Why do I want this woman more than any other woman? 

What is it going to take for me to overcome these obstacles in order to win her?

These are the questions that should be racing through his mind upon each and every encounter he has with you. In letting him see the possibility of what he can have, his mind races to plug in the rest. 

And men long to use their imagination. They like to paint a very vivid and animated picture in their mind of how they want to “conquer” a woman and ultimately have her. Allowing him to let his mind wander will leave a lasting imprint on his brain of what’s needed and required of him to “earn” a woman’s undying love.

Men don’t take the lure of a woman’s sex and ardor lightly, and they just can’t let it go. The woman who makes his mind wander into forbidden territory is the woman who pulls his heartstrings. It goes well beyond sex she becomes his living, breathing passion and inspiration.

Why You Must Make Him Feel Like Your “Hero”

I’m sure you’ve read about men’s “hero instinct” and the role it plays in a man’s potential to want to fall deeply in love with a woman:

If he can’t put his masculine charms to good use, he’ll end up feeling undervalued and emasculated. This is disastrous for your relationship.

When a man doesn’t feel essential to you, it’s difficult for him to emotionally bond with you or fall for you. And if you’re in a relationship but not triggering his hero instinct, he’s likely to lose interest.

What really drives a man is this deep down biological drive to protect and care for their loved ones.

We’re not living through The Revolutionary War period where women depend on the protection of men to survive pillaging, frostbite and foreign invaders.

Instead, you can make do of today’s modern “inconveniences” in the topsy-turvy dating marketplace and tap into his hero instinct.

Let him be the hero by letting him:

  • Pay for dates

  • Plan all dates from start to finish

  • Initiate 90%+ of all communication, which includes texting, calls, DMs, etc.

  • Be thoughtful in how he wants to try and woo you while you make him feel desired and well-received

  • Open doors for you, pull out your chair, and drive you to and from dates

I realize this flies in the face of what today’s women insist is “equality” and the new age doctrine that “women should always pay their own way.”

You will have to let him take the reins on this one, ladies. Men deeply desire to feel like men. And you’re emasculating him and making him feel useless, unneeded, and unwanted when you try to assert control over his choice and ability to make important decisions as the man in the relationship.

Men deeply desire to feel like men.

You’re robbing him of his necessity to protect and provide. And when you add insult to injury in throwing cheap, easy sex into the mix, he has no logical reason to stay put and stay interested.

Men not only want to work for your affections, they simply have to work for them and they know they have to work for them men don’t value what comes free and easy. They won’t tell you that, but it’s the truth. And they easily detach from women who don’t make them feel needed, useful, and worthy of leadership as a man.

Closing Thoughts

Seduction is a simple yet slightly complicated process that sustains a man’s full interest over time. You give him the impression that he has to invest in winning your affections and invest he will, faithfully and without reservation or failure.

Let him be a man. Let his mind fill to its outermost limits with thoughts of winning you and leave the foregone, easy sex conclusions behind. Men get hooked on what’s just beyond their reach. And they never dream of tapping out. That’s seduction in a nutshell.

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