How To Recreate Rose's Edwardian Style From "Titanic" In The Modern Day

One of the most watched movies of all time, “Titanic” is a cinematic masterpiece. The movie is essentially the juxtaposition of the power of undying love with the reality of mortality made all too apparent by the tragic fate of the “unsinkable” cruise liner.

By Madison May2 min read
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Another thing we love about Titanic is the historically accurate Edwardian era fashion. The Edwardian era has always been one of my favorite time periods for style because of how elegant and feminine it was. The protagonist of Titanic, Rose, a woman of high society, is the perfect example of Edwardian fashion. Her wardrobe is elaborate and dazzling. 

The Edwardian era, named for King Edward I, lasted only 13 years, from 1901-1914, but the time period is still marked by a distinctive style. A few of the defining characteristics include empire waists, high collars or square necklines, embellishments like lace and embroidery, floor-length hems, and matching skirt suits. The heart of Edwardian fashion, however, is in the details – the rich fabrics, luxurious textures, and intricate embroidery.

Although the time period is from more than a century ago, we still find elements of Edwardian fashion in modern trends. Use these tips for incorporating this style into your wardrobe without looking outdated.

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Monochrome Yellow

titanic 1997 paramount pictures yellow dress
Paramount Pictures/Titanic/1997

Monochrome looks are all the rage in 2023, so we can continue to take inspiration from Rose’s buttercup yellow ensemble. The pale yellow dress, belt, and shoes coordinate seamlessly.

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UO Douro Gauzey Midi Dress

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Blazer Dress

titanic 1997 paramount pictures blazer dress
Paramount Pictures/Titanic/1997

A staple of Edwardian fashion was the travel suit. The first time we see Rose, she's wearing a matching white striped skirt and jacket with purple accents. For a simplified and modern take on the Edwardian classic, consider adding a blazer dress to your wardrobe.

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Satin Blazer Mini Dress

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Embroidered Details

titanic 1997 paramount pictures embroidered details
Paramount Pictures/Titanic/1997

Edwardian fashion relied heavily on ornate and feminine details, and embroidery and lace were quite popular. The lace details on dresses like this one add dimension and visual appeal. For the modern day, look for blouses and skirts with lace or embroidery for an elevated look.

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Embellished Evening Gown

titanic 1997 paramount pictures squareneck evening gown
Paramount Pictures/Titanic/1997
titanic 1997 paramount pictures squareneck evening gown embellished
Paramount Pictures/Titanic/1997

One of Rose’s most statement-making looks was this embellished evening gown. It had all the opulence any woman of high society in the Edwardian Era could dream of. The bold red and black color scheme represents Rose’s rebellious streak. Once again, sequin dresses are in for 2023, so go ahead and add one to your closet today.

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sylvina sequin midi cutout dress

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Empire-Waist Dress

titanic 1997 paramount pictures empire waist
Paramount Pictures/Titanic/1997

Empire waistlines were a hallmark of the Edwardian era, and a throwback to the Regency era. Empire waists provide a clean, ethereal silhouette, like this dress, which was the one Rose wore while the ship was sinking.

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Sister Jane Tilly Floral Midi Dress

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Satin and Velvet

titanic 1997 paramount pictures satin and velvet
Paramount Pictures/Titanic/1997
titanic 1997 paramount pictures satin and velvet full length
Paramount Pictures/Titanic/1997

Decadent textures have always been popular among the wealthy, and the Edwardian era was no exception. A velvet jacket worn over a lace blouse and satin skirt is a look you can recreate today with modern styles.

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Closing Thoughts 

Romantic and sophisticated, Edwardian fashion is the pinnacle of feminine style in many ways, and Rose’s elegant style from Titanic is the perfect example. The fashion of the Edwardian era is the perfect backdrop for James Cameron’s shipwreck epic, but many elements of this style can still be applied in today’s world, making it just as timeless as the movie’s themes.

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