How To Have Your Own ‘Gilmore Girls’ Inspired Fall Day

By Keelia Clarkson
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Fall, also known as the most wonderful time of year, is upon us. And what better way to celebrate than having a Gilmore-inspired fall day?

It’s a universally known fact that Gilmore Girls is a fall show. Our first ramble through the perpetually quaint, tiny town of Stars Hollow takes place just as the first whispers of autumn waft through the crisp air, the show’s opening sequence features images of an army of trees dressed in orange and brown leaves, and some of the most memorable episodes take place during the fall season.

Now that autumn is officially upon us, many are excited for the first time in months. The holidays are around the corner, the fashion of this season is undeniably cute, and it means a new, hopefully non-virus-ridden year is closely following, boasting the new possibilities we’ve yearned for all year long.

So what better way to honor the beginning of fall than plan a day chock-full of coffee, books, and other exciting Gilmore traditions?


Start the Day with Coffee…Obviously

No true Gilmore starts her day without a huge cup of coffee…or two. Let’s be honest, coffee in an IV would be ideal. Kick off your Gilmore-themed autumn day by swinging by your local diner for some good, old-fashioned diner coffee, a pancake breakfast (although cherry danishes are acceptable as well), and some fun, quick-witted conversation with your pals that’s sure to wake you up.

coffee in an iv

Stop by a Couple of Bookstores

What kind of Gilmore-inspired day doesn’t involve scouring some bookstores? Channel your inner Rory Gilmore by filling the first hours of a caffeine-high browsing a few book shops, getting lost reading everything from Charles Dickens to Sylvia Plath. And if you stumble upon the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, you just might have to take it home with you (Rory would be proud).

do you see the books

Eat Lunch out of a Picnic Basket

We all remember the picnic basket episode, where the men of the town bid on a basket prepared by the woman they love. Of course, this picnic basket lunch doesn’t need to be fancy (unless you’ve got a Sookie in your friend group, that is). More important than what’s in the basket is where you enjoy it — a gazebo, park, or small lake is perfectly Gilmore-worthy.

jess basket

Meander Through an Antique Store

Almost nothing makes me feel like I’m in Stars Hollow more than a good antique store. Just roaming through piles of old lamps, furniture, and knick-knacks is sure to make you feel like a Stars Hollow local, stopping by the beloved Mrs. Kim’s Antiques for your next treasure. And hey, maybe you’ll stumble across a monkey lamp — in which case, you have to get it.

mrs kim antique store

Have a Movie Marathon

Every Gilmore Girls fan knows the importance of movie marathons — many a Gilmore witticism and reference was pulled right out of some of their favorite movies. So planning a huge movie night to wind down the day is a no-brainer. Put on a classic like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or The Godfather (with extra viewings of the Sofia death scene, of course) and enjoy!

watching tv with dean

Eat Copious Amounts of Food

This last step goes hand-in-hand with the movie marathon, but seeing as how the Gilmore girls’ ability to consume abundant amounts of food is one of their most memorable traits, it deserved its own spot on this list. Grab a frozen pizza or two, pick up some of your favorite (maybe kinda junky) snacks and appetizers, and if there’s any impulse buying, make it chocolate. 

watching willy wonka and eating junk food

Closing Thoughts

Fall and Gilmore Girls — two of my favorite things. This list is sure to satisfy your hankering for an action-packed autumn day, filled to the brim with everything to make you need to feel like a Gilmore girl.

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