How I Got Rid Of My Cellulite

Here’s a subject that every woman knows too well – cellulite. No matter how “fat,” “skinny,” or “fit” you are, we all experience cellulite. It’s a common condition among women (especially on our legs), and some men experience it as well. So what is it? And how do we get rid of it?

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Article Updated: 1/11/2021

Cellulite is a “cottage cheese” looking lumpiness on your skin. Fat deposits are pushing through the connective tissue which makes your skin appear lumpy.

It can seem quite unattractive to some people, but other people love it. So if you love it, this isn’t the article for you. Most women struggle with cellulite. No matter how thin, large, or healthy, if you aren't actively working on it, it’s going to be there.

Don't Compare Yourself to Celebrities with Plastic Surgeons

Let’s start with the Kardashians, shall we? You will notice that they have almost ZERO cellulite on their so-called “all-natural” bodies. I just laughed writing that; they have so much work done, it’s a joke. They get cellulite treatments all the time. Recently, pictures surfaced of Kim on vacation in a bathing suit. In the photos, she has cellulite all over her backside. I saw them and thought, “Oh wow, she’s finally trying to be a normal human and stop acting so perfect.”

I was wrong, as she got many more treatments done after that, so it wouldn't happen again. If you have a voluptuous body that isn’t completely toned from head to toe, you’re going to have cellulite. It’s just the way it is. There are things you can do to minimize it which I’m going to tell you about, but I wanted to make sure you knew that the Kardashians' bodies are not realistic.

If you have a voluptuous body that isn’t completely toned from head to toe, you’re going to have cellulite.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can continue. I used to have cellulite all over my thighs, butt, and the back of my arms. In my family, that’s where all of your cellulite goes. Everyone is built differently though. Most of my friends gain weight in their stomach. So, I decided to study up on cellulite and how to remove it. First, I tried the simple way, which was getting cellulite lotion to remove it. All of the reviews were amazing and said it worked. Did it work? Not at all. I put it on my problem areas for a couple of weeks and still nothing. So I realized I was going to have to work a little harder at it.

Cut out Certain Food Groups

I read that white foods are HORRIBLE for cellulite. I cut them out immediately. This includes processed white foods, sugar, white rice, yogurt, milk, bread, pasta, cheese, etc. One common thing among all these foods is that they are low in fiber. Believe it or not, I try only to eat extremely fibrous foods. I never look at calories.

Some of the calorie counters might be gasping right now, but I can’t live the rest of my life writing down my caloric intake at every meal to calculate what I’m eating. I know people who do that, and it gives me a headache. Not to mention, in a couple of years they’re not going to do that anymore. It’s too much work. Cutting out white foods helped my cellulite a lot. I definitely saw a slight change, but I still had a good amount, so I decided to take it up a notch and target those areas directly.

Cutting out white foods helped my cellulite a lot.

You are what you eat. We know this to be true because if you put trash in a can, it makes it a trash can. If you put unhealthy food in your body every day, it makes you have an unhealthy looking body. That’s just the way it is. While what you eat is extremely important, working out is also vital in removing cellulite. I’m a big advocate for eating healthy and working out less, but in this instance exercise is essential. After all, if your fat outweighs the muscle in those specific areas, you're most likely going to have cellulite.

So, I started to do what I could to tone the areas I didn’t like. I started with my arms. I did tricep dips, bicep curls, push-ups, and many more arm workouts. IT WORKED. After about 3 weeks, my arms had lost almost all of the cellulite. I was so excited (little did I know that arms are much easier to tone than legs). So I decided to do the same thing with my thighs and butt.

After all, if your fat outweighs the muscle in those specific're most likely going to have cellulite.

After a couple of weeks of working out my legs, I was so proud of myself that I scheduled a fitness photoshoot with a photographer. I thought I was in amazing shape. Then I saw the photos... there was cellulite all over my legs. It was embarrassing. Me, being very extreme, got mad and decided to turn it up another notch and really push myself. I went to the gym and did squats, lunges, wall sits, hip adductor and abductor workouts, leg lifts, etc. I was angry at my cellulite. It was like a fly that wouldn’t leave no matter how hard I tried to open the door and shoo it out. Finally, after about two months of killing my poor legs, my cellulite was about 98% gone.

Cut to now (two years later), and I have cellulite in one part of my body that you will never see. I worked so hard to remove it everywhere, that I know I can’t do anything more. I’ve accepted that as women we carry more fat than men and we distribute it in different areas than men. But I love my little cellulite on my butt. It’s laughable to say, but it’s so small that who cares? When I stop working out for a while and ease up on my daily healthy eating, it starts to come back to my thighs, but eating healthy and working it out removes it in about two days. Our bodies are so beautifully amazing.

I’ve accepted that as women we carry more fat than men and we distribute it in different areas than men.

If you're one of the women who carry their weight in their stomach, then planks are going to be your best friend in the gym. Target your stomach like crazy. Leg drops, v-ups, mountain climbers, side planks, do them all. Don’t push yourself so hard that you throw up, but challenge yourself to hold your plank longer each time, or my personal favorite, play candy crush in a plank position. It makes time go faster. The more you target it, the better it will be.

Closing Thoughts

All in all, cellulite is not something that a healthy diet can cure overnight. No matter how healthy you eat, if you aren't trying to actively tone your body, cellulite will keep reappearing. Slow and steady wins the race. So keep at it, and eventually, your cellulite will start disappearing.