High Levels Of Toxic Chemicals Have Been Found In Sports Bras And Athletic Wear—Here Are The Brands You Need To Watch Out For

Recent tests on famous athletic brands – including Nike and Athleta – have been revealed to contain high amounts of toxic chemicals, specifically BPA.

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
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According to a watchdog, recent tests on popular athletic wear revealed high levels of BPA, a chemical that has been linked to heart disease, obesity, cancer, infertility, and type 2 diabetes. The watchdog states BPA is primarily found in clothes that contain polyester and spandex. They're now recommending people not wear these types of clothes for too long. “We want brands to reformulate their products to remove all bisphenols including BPA. In the interim, we recommend limiting the time you spend in your activewear by changing after your workout,” says the group. 

In addition, BPA also acts as an endocrine disruptor, affecting the fertility and reproductive system of humans. "The problem with BPA is it can mimic hormones like estrogen and block other hormone receptors, altering the concentration of hormones in our bodies, and resulting in negative health effects,” said Dr. Jimena Díaz Leiva, the Science Director for the Center for Environmental Health. “Even low levels of exposure during pregnancy have been associated with a variety of health problems in offspring. These problems include abnormal development of the mammary glands and ovaries that can increase the likelihood of developing breast or ovarian cancer later in life. These effects occur even at low levels of exposure like those seen in people today.”

Brands To Watch Out For

In the past six months, sports bras sold by the following companies reportedly tested as having unsafe levels of BPA: North Face, Athleta, ASICS, FILA, Nike, Brooks, All in Motion, and Pink. The group says they also received similar results from testing shirts by brands like Mizuno, New Balance, and Reebok. The Center for Environmental Health has taken initiative to send legal notices to the companies that will have two months to fix the health violations.

According to California’s Proposition 65, the maximum allowable dose level for BPA through the skin is three micrograms a day – but the tested sports bras have been found to contain levels that are up to 22 times that amount. Unfortunately, BPA is also found in many foods and products like toiletries, receipts, electronics, water bottles, and more. It’s important we try our best to limit our exposure to this chemical.

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