Harrison Patrick Smith's "Disturbing" EP Cover Sparks Outrage: "This Is Pure And Simple Pedophilia"

Harrison Patrick Smith, or "The Dare," is facing backlash over his new EP for its disturbing imagery.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read

*This article is intended for readers 18 and older.*

Harrison Patrick Smith, also known as "The Dare," is a New York City-based musician who released "The Sex" EP on May 19, 2023. The recording has been celebrated for its debauched dance-punk songs that contain lyrics about girls, sex, and drugs. One of the lyrics of the songs, "Girls," should give you a nasty taste of The Dare's music: "I like tall girls, small girls / Girls with d*cks, call girls / Girls who get naked on the 'Gram."

The Dare's work is a return of the "indie sleaze," an amalgamation of '90s grunge and rock and roll. In the introduction of Pitchfork's review of The Sex EP, they explain that "there is nostalgia for the era of Terry Richardson sexploitation." In case you're not sure who Terry Richardson is, he's a celebrity photographer and alleged sexual abuser. He's been accused several times of sexually exploiting his models during shoots and coercing them to engage in sexual acts with him.

To make matters worse, the EP's cover features four people – who appear to be children or young teens – engaging in sexual poses. The image was first shared on The Dare's Instagram, sparking outrage from people who felt that the picture he chose was highly inappropriate.

"This is depicting paedophilia, I reapeat it is a paedophilic image. its appaling," comments @mulhollandcheryl. "'When someone tells you who they are, believe them.' You've told us who you are. I am a childrens psychotherapist, well trained in child safeguarding. This needs to be taken down."

Another one adds, "Why do they look like kids ?? Y'all are sick."


"This is the album cover for Harrison Patrick Smith's The Dare, The Sex EP," writes @Kali__Yuga__ on Twitter. "This is pure and simple pedophilia."

One person argues the individuals on the cover are likely adults, but they're supposed to give the impression that they're underage. "The girls are looking away. Why?" asks @TheSarcasticist. "1. They're really adults, but it was really important not to spoil the impression that these are young girls. 2. They're really young girls, but it was decided that there had to be ambiguity in the image regarding age to avoid prosecution."

The cover appears to be the work of an artist named Leander Capuozzo. The first image on his website shows a half-naked woman in a hotel room covered in bruises.

Screenshot of Capuozzo's website. 
Screenshot of Capuozzo's website. Source:

Like Sam Levinson and The Weeknd's The Idol, there's a rising trend of "artists" creating and championing abusive imagery under the guise of "art." Sure, art is subjective, I won't argue with that, but the constant glamorization of sexual abuse and pedophilia only waters it down and further normalizes it. It desensitizes people to the horrors that occur in society. Today, the sexualization of children can be seen in films and even the fashion industry, and I fear it won't be going away anytime soon.

Evie Magazine has reached out to Harrison Patrick Smith for comment.

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