Hailey Bieber Is Accused Of Cultural Appropriation For Promoting The "Brownie Glazed Lips" Trend

By Gina Florio
·  2 min read
hailey bieber

Hailey Bieber rose to fame for her modeling career and later for her marriage to superstar Justin Bieber, but she recently dove into entrepreneurship and launched her own skincare brand called Rhode. She's being heavily criticized, though, for her promotion of the "brownie glazed lips" trend.

Hailey's new skincare line Rhode boasts a peptide lip treatment, hyaluronic acid moisturizer, and other similar products that promise dewy, glowing skin. In fact, the brand aims to deliver "glazed donut" skin to its consumers, and Hailey even rocked "glazed donut" nails this summer. She has also been at the forefront of a new trend called "brownie glazed lips," but unfortunately, not everyone is on board with the idea.

Hailey Bieber Is Accused of Cultural Appropriation for Promoting the "Brownie Glazed Lips" Trend

In August, Hailey posted a TikTok of herself wearing a brown, slightly neutral shade of lipstick with a gloss over it. She wrote "ready for all the fall things including brownie glazed lips" in the caption.

The video garnered more than 3 million views, and just a week ago, a beauty influencer named Victoria Lyn shared a tutorial on how to achieve Hailey's "brownie glazed lip" trend. She showed the exact two products that Hailey used, including a lip liner from Scott Barnes and the peptide lip treatment from Rhode.

As this trend has grown more and more popular, there has been an increasing amount of backlash. A TikToker who goes by @Benulus shared a video.

"Y'all sh*t on my lips every single time I post," she said. "But a white woman does it... it's going to become a trend, it's going to be praised upon. And yeah, I'm so flattered that Hailey Bieber always gets inspired by my community, by my POC community, but it just irks me that because she's done it now, it's going to become so trendy."

She also predicts that the same people who called her lipstick ugly will end up loving Hailey's take on the "brownie glazed lips" trend.

She's not the only TikToker who has come out to slam Hailey for cultural appropriation, claiming that she stole this look from Hispanic women. There are also multiple comments on Hailey's original TikTok, such as "So basically the same exact same color combo our tias [aunts] have been using" and "This was chola lipstick in the 90's."

It seems like there isn't any makeup or fashion trend that's safe from the accusation of cultural appropriation these days. Hailey hasn't responded to the criticism yet, but there really isn't any need for her to.