5 Tell-Tale Signs A Guy Likes You

Want to know if your crush is into you? Here are five hidden signs a guy likes you.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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Young people are too scared to pick up the phone and talk to strangers, so how do you expect them to confess their feelings? Jokes aside, there are many reasons why your crush hasn't told you how he feels yet (after all, why haven't you?).

Sometimes, guys want to keep their cards close to their chest, and that's okay. But it's also not okay when we're twisting and turning in bed at night trying to figure out how someone feels about us. If you find yourself in this position, look no further. Here are some signs that a man is more into you than you think.

They Go Off on a Tangent

A guy being nervous around you is not always a bad sign – it likely means he's attracted to you! Chloe Taylor, an influencer, made a viral video about this topic. A tell-tale sign a man likes you is if he gets nervous and starts rambling. "We'll call this one verbal diarrhea," she jokes. "Whenever you're speaking to a guy, and he likes you, and he's a little bit nervous in your presence, and he's overthinking about [the] awkward silences and conversation, they will tend to go off on tangents."

If he's explaining the Godfather, sports, or podcasts...yeah, he thinks you're cute, and he's scared of screwing up the conversation. He probably also doesn't want it to end too soon.

He Tries To Take Up More Space

"Number two is [on] the biological level," Taylor explains. "If a guy likes you subconsciously, they will try and make themselves look bigger and take up more space around you. Just notice next time you're around him."

If he's stretching around you or his legs are spread apart (or turned towards you), Taylor believes that he likes you. It means he's comfortable with being open around you and doesn't want to hide or avoid you. He's also subconsciously attempting to impress you.

He Has a Nickname for You

Your nickname doesn't have to sound typical for him to like you. If he has a special name just for you, not "sweetie" or "honey," wake up! He's attracted to you. Bonus if he uses your name frequently in sentences!

They Remember Small Details

If he can recall small details from conversations you guys had months or years ago, then he must have been listening intently to your words. I mean, how many of us remember what we ate last Saturday night? Most people forget small talk or conversations that aren't important to them. However, the moments you spend with someone you like are memorable.

He Laughs at Your Jokes

According to research, men and women are likely to see someone as funnier when they are attracted to them. “Whether we are interacting with a stranger or a friend, or looking for a potential romantic partner,” explained Norm Li, a psychologist at The University of Texas at Austin, “we seek and rapidly notice humor. If a person initiates humor with you, they’re much more likely to be interested in you than if they don’t.”

Closing Thoughts

These signs can be helpful indicators of a man's interest in you, but remember, if he truly wants to pursue a romantic connection with you, he will make it known. Most people aren't great at concealing their true feelings. These subtle cues might offer insight into his attraction for you, but the best way to know his feelings is through his actions. Is he willing to drop things to hang out with you? Is he respectful toward you? If so, it's probably safe for you to ask him how he feels.

Ideally, though, he's the one who would take action and tell you what he thinks about you. Waiting for him to make the first move isn't always necessary, but doing so allows you to lean into your femininity. These signs can provide some comfort and clues, but maybe not in the long run. In the end, opening up to each other is the best and most effective way to understand each other's intentions.

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