Glasses Glamor: How To Wear Your Specs Stylishly

Are you someone who believes wearing glasses makes you look plain or boring? On the contrary, anyone can look great in glasses when you find the right pair that suits your features and style. As an accessory, glasses can help accentuate your beauty and create visual balance for any fashion look if done right.

By Chelsea Moore2 min read
Pexels/Néo Rioux

We understand that glasses weren’t always considered fashionable, and for a long time, wearing contact lenses was all the rage. However, as featured in our previous post, wearing contacts could easily trap a lot of dirt that can cause abrasions to your cornea. Moreover, they can also make your eyes feel dry, itchy, and highly uncomfortable, which is why you should prioritize wearing glasses instead. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of finding the right glasses for you though, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. There’s an art to fashion and accessorizing, and we’ve compiled some tips on how you can best wear your specs in style.

Picking the Right Frames

Sometimes, celebrities or other public figures can make a certain frame popular because they make it look good, but that doesn’t always mean they’re right for you. It’s important to consider your face shape and skin tone when choosing your frames to avoid creating an imbalance with your features.

Generally, you need to take note of your face shape and structure. This makes it easier to work with the natural lines and angles of your face to create a well-balanced look when wearing specs. The right glasses will be able to elevate your features and can even bring out a more youthful or feminine look if framed right. For instance, oval-shaped faces can generally sport any shape of glasses. But those with square-shaped faces should go for rounder frames to complement their sharp and angular facial features.

Luckily, different brands carry a variety of styles that can suit different face shapes. For example, Vogue Eyewear is known for carrying chic frames that can accentuate square and heart-shaped faces, while Ray-Ban has classic specs that suit rounder features to help give structure to the lines of their face.

Depending on your features, the right glasses can easily help highlight your beauty and strong facial points.

You also need to consider your skin undertone when choosing your glasses, as the wrong color may wash you out instead of brightening your face. As such, taking note of whether you have a warm, cool, or neutral undertone is incredibly important since it can help you narrow down the right frame options. Mostly, you’ll want to find the right frame color that blends with your complexion properly to avoid visual contrast with your skin.

Creating Your Fashion Ensemble

Besides your natural looks, how you prefer to style and dress is also an important facet of constructing the right look to help you rock your specs.

When you take a look at your closet, what are the dominant colors and patterns you can see? Are your clothes bright and frilly? Or are they more sleek and muted in color? No matter your style, you need to look for a pair of glasses that complements the colors you usually wear.

Wire metal frames in silver, like the ones carried by brands such as Swarovski and Armani Exchange, are currently right on trend. After all, minimalism is back on the rise. But if you love making a statement with your glasses and want bright, bold frames, then keep in mind how you can pair them with your existing wardrobe.

Let your glasses do the talking, and remember to properly color coordinate to avoid disrupting the harmony of your outfit.

As an accessory, glasses can make or break your look. If you have subtle frames, like thin-wired ones, then you can bring attention to your features by wearing bold make-up, loud jewelry, and elaborate clothes. Having subtle frames won’t throw your look off balance and make it too busy, making it a perfect addition. On the flip side, wearing bolder and statement-like frames, such as the unique specs made trendy by Coach and Emporio Armani, means you should focus on having minimal jewelry around your face and neck to avoid looking crowded.

Closing Thoughts

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing the right frames, especially if you’re looking to wear them in style. But once you figure out what kind of frames work best for your features, wardrobe, and general fashion ensemble, then it’s smooth sailing from there! Above all else, the best frames will boost your confidence and inspire you to bring out your best looks.

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