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Stun Like Style Icon Barbara Bouchet

Who better to learn a captivating sense of style from than the ever-gorgeous Barbara Bouchet?

Barbara Bouchet was born during World War II in German-occupied Czechoslovakia. Her family was forced to flee, getting separated from one another in the process. Luckily, they later reunited and built a life in California’s San Francisco. In those days, the ‘50s were a golden age for the city, so I can only imagine how stark a contrast it was going from war and migration to this great city during what some might call the height of its glory.

Bouchet wanted to become an actress because of Christine Kaufmann, who shared her German background. In support of her dreams, her father entered her in a beauty contest, which she won. And that beauty contest held by a local TV station would later materialize into her first role as a dancer on The KPIX Dance Party.

Bouchet had a career as a model and would land many different magazine covers as well as roles acting in commercials before her true Hollywood career took off. She would have a long acting career, but left American films despite being successful out of principle because she resented being typecast as a sex symbol without any intellectual merit. Her roles in Casino Royale, Gangs of New York, Agent For H.A.R.M., and Star Trek: The Original Series have had the most lasting impact.

As far as her love life goes, she married Luigi Borghese in 1976 and would have a fairly long marriage with him before the two split in 2006. The two share their sons Alessandro and Massimalio together. 

Today, Bouchet still lives in Italy and has become something of a businesswoman after founding a production company and a health club, along with writing many books about fitness. But one of her most lasting impacts goes back to how she got her start, her beauty. She used beauty and style to captivate audiences again and again. And we know how she does it!

Gorgeous White Dress

There aren’t many things that are as pretty, light, and easy to throw on as the simple white dress. It doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard and can be worn for pretty much any occasion (except attending another woman’s wedding, of course!). And there are so many different styles that you could have a closet full of unique white dresses.


It’s one of the keys to great style and an easy way to create a whole new outfit using what you already own. Layering, do it. Like, do it tomorrow. And the next day. Challenge yourself to create new outfits you wouldn’t normally think of. You just might find your new favorite look, and you won’t have to spend a dime.

Flowy Silhouettes

If it’s Bouchet’s style you’re after, you’ll want to bring in a lot of very ‘70s inspired flowy silhouettes to your wardrobe. Make sure it’s fitted up top and at the waist for the most flattering look, but from there down, let the flowy boho vibes reign!


Think Bouchet was afraid of a print or two? Think again! From classic prints to more unexpected, exotic choices, Bouchet was always down to rock a print. A wardrobe of all neutrals can get boring, so having some statement pieces with print can be a gamechanger. A print dress is the easiest place to start because you don’t have to pair it with anything but your shoes. 


Every woman needs a set of sweaters she absolutely loves to keep her both warm and stylish. The best pairing of all! And to up the ante, a pair of knit socks like Bouchet wore could be a fun touch. 

Any Knit

But lest you think the only kind of knit you need in your closet is the classic sweater, Bouchet makes a case for owning knit, well, just about everything. Try a knit tank or tee, and of course, a cardigan is a must. 


I know I mentioned the wonders a white dress will do, and Bouchet did love to wear one. But the LBD has a special place in fashion and in your closet. Pick a style you love and dress it up or down, because this dress will be your best friend, and as an added bonus, it’s Bouchet approved.

Fur Coat of Dreams

This is the fur coat of dreams. Seriously! I can’t get over it. It’s so chic. It’s the perfect Hollywood starlet coat that would work with pretty much any outfit Bouchet wore under it. 

Deep V

Bouchet was definitely a fan of the deep V. You don’t have to wear one that’s as deep as she often did to take advantage of the flattering neckline though! Pick something that’s within your comfort zone and standards, and you’ll knock 'em dead.

Collared Shirt

Great style is all about basics that you build around to create a look unique to you. Bouchet completely embodies this. She had her own look, but at the same time, she utilized classic, ubiquitous pieces like the white button-down. 

Bombshell Hair

You can’t talk about Bouchet’s look without talking about that gorgeous mane of blonde hair, can you? A mid-length haircut with soft curls that have that voluminous, fluffy look of the ‘70s is what you should shoot for to emulate hers. 


Sure, Bouchet had a great set of big, blue eyes to start with, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t accentuate them well. Black eyeliner and good mascara were essential parts of her look. Add them to your makeup bag, and you’ll be one step closer to her gorgeous eyes.

Closing Thoughts

Barbara Bouchet had a look that would make people stop in their tracks. Was it the hair? The eyes? Definitely. But it was also knowing how to dress to make the best of what she had to work with. Clothes can help you make your best impression, so put on your best Barbara Bouchet-inspired outfit and all the confidence you can muster to go with it, and you’ll look amazing. 

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