How Victoria’s Secret Angel Romee Strijd Gets Her Bombshell Curls

By Nicole Andre
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Want those bombshell curls that the VS Angels wear that look so effortless, but anyone who’s tried to get them knows most definitely aren’t? Luckily, Angel Romee Strijd showed exactly how to get them.

Romee Strijd is hard not to like. She’s gorgeous, has the sweetest personality, and her Dutch accent makes her even more charming somehow. Strijd was scouted at a local mall in the Netherlands at 13 and has some amazingly deep insight into some of the struggles with one’s appearance that come with modeling, especially at a young age.

Her modeling career really took off when she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2015, and she has since started her own YouTube channel where she films a lot of vlogs as well as other lifestyle centric videos. 

A simple scroll through Strid’s Instagram and one thing becomes clear: the girl has great hair. And while you might not have her naturally blonde hair, you can certainly use some of the tips she uses to get hers to look it’s best.

Use the Right Hair Care

Strijd looks like she has really full hair and maybe that’s because she uses a Kératase shampoo and conditioner meant to increase hair density. She more recently did a sponsored video with Function of Beauty (a custom shampoo and conditioner service), but personally, I would go with Kératase if you feel like you need help with hair density. Remember, hair thickness and hair density are not the same. The thickness of one individual strand is hair thickness, while hair density is the amount of hair you have on your head overall. Decide which is your problem before picking your shampoo because whether or not something works well for you depends a lot on your hair type.

Curl Your Hair Like Romee

Strijd has freshly washed hair to start off for her hairstylist Ruslan Nureev to work with for this tutorial. Strijd blow-dried her hair straight the night before which will be especially important if you have a lot of texture in your hair. 

Because her hair is freshly washed, Nureev wanted to add some texture. To do that he coated Strijd’s hair with Oribe Aprés Beach Wave and Shine Spray. He lifted up the top sections of hair to ensure the product got all over the hair. Be careful not to use too much.

The Rollers

He uses 1 ½ inch rollers. You won’t want to use anything too small because you’ll get something closer to a ringlet instead of the looser curls needed for a VS look. He curls all of the hair under/away using the Harry Josh curling iron, which is very popular with celebrity hairstylists. Make sure that you curl a piece of hair and then add the roller in while it’s still hot. Don’t curl your whole head and then try to add the rollers, go piece by piece.

Sectioning the Hair

Your sectioning will be important. He first takes a mohawk section (top of head, down the middle). This part is actually more important than you think! It will let you play with your part more later, so if you want that good model hair flip and don’t want it to be weird from your part, make sure it gets set going backward. Who knew? 

Next, Nureev makes a section on each side of Strijd’s head using just the front portion of hair. Divide each of the sections into two, one roller for each piece. Then for the back section, he divides it in half before using three rollers on each. Keep in mind this could vary a lot depending on how much hair you have, so just practice and adjust as you need to!

Since this isn’t the last step you don’t need to leave the rollers long — just five to 15 minutes. I love Strijd’s suggestion of doing your makeup during this time. After taking them out make sure to brush your hair out. If you want you can actually leave the look like that, but for more definition, keep reading. 

More Curling

Strijd typically wears her curls in a side part, so if you’re doing the same, flip the front section to the opposite side and then leave that section until the end before flipping it back over to curl. By setting it on the opposite side you’ll get way more volume. 

Nureev takes about 1-inch sections to curl. VS waves are meant to be beachy and effortless, so to achieve that, alternate which way you curl the hair. One-piece away from the face, then one toward the face. You get the picture. He leaves the ends out of the iron.

Finishing Spray

When you’re done curling, spray the Oribe Dry Texturing Spray all over your hair. Shake your hair out and you’re done! 

Closing Thoughts

Toward the end of the video, Nureev said, “She became a bombshell.” I love that sentiment! Hair has the power to give women so much confidence when we empower ourselves by learning how to style it. With a little practice and tips from the best of the best, we can each get better at doing our hair at home. 

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