Gen Z Hated "Victoria's Secret: The Tour '23"

All Victoria's Secret had to do was bring back the fashion shows. Instead, they gave us... nothing.

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Victoria's Secret has lost its wings. After weeks of campaigns featuring the biggest stars, influencers, and iconic models, Victoria's Secret: The Tour finally premiered on Prime Video this week. Their mission statement was clear, but their execution was a mess. It read, "In 2021, Victoria's Secret began a journey. The goal was to give a new generation of creatives from around the world the opportunity to tell their stories and see their creations brought to life on the world stage. The platform? The VS show. This film is theirs."

The documentary starts with Gigi Hadid and Adut Akech to introduce the spirit of the film, then it jumps around to showcase a filmmaker, a fashion designer, and other global artists. Doja Cat had a feature and sang around in red lingerie and a mansion around the 27-minute mark. While the visuals were pretty nice, it did seem pretty random. VS did show off some of its collections using models like Adriana Lima and Winnie Harlow. Then, we get hit with more music and dancing, followed by some runway shots (finally!) – except, the walks only lasted about three minutes.

The rest of the documentary felt like a fever dream: There was a strange music video by a Japanese artist that felt out of place, a slow-motion capture of women running in random garbs, and a final performance by Doja Cat. If I had to describe the entire film in one word, it would be convoluted.

Gen Z Is Not Happy

One of the biggest issues I had with Victoria's Secret: The Tour was how it was marketed as a "fashion show." Ask anyone what they think when they hear those two words, and they'll probably say lingerie, models, angels, runway, walks, costumes, and fashion. So imagine Gen Z's disappointment when they got nothing of the sort.


"i'm just confused like are they selling the wings? the gowns? like what are they trying to sell," writes a young woman named Mikael Roberts on TikTok.

@astridnatalia adds, "Yup I kept waiting for the fashion show that never happened."

"I rewatch the last fashion show made so many times," a girl named Jordan notes. "Candace opening literally gives me chills. This is so sad."

Leah Garcia posted a video of her looking confused with the caption, "POV Victoria's Secret The Tour '23 was not quite what you were expecting."

Her comment section pretty much mirrors everyone's thoughts about the documentary.

victoria's secret vs
victoria's secret vs

So, there you have it. Gen Z wants the iconic angels, cute lingerie, and fashion shows back. Unless Victoria's Secret goes back to its roots, there's a chance they will continue to go downhill.

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