Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking: Botanical Inspo For A Feminine Spring Wardrobe

There’s nothing more feminine, flirty, and fun than florals.

By Alina Clough2 min read
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Right about now, everyone's garden is getting a spring makeover with new blooms. Your closet deserves the same treatment. If you’re hauling yourself out of the winter months and looking for the summer light at the end of the tunnel, brightening up your wardrobe is a total mood booster.

Still, patterns like florals can feel tricky to work with. They often don’t play well with others, can feel loud and overwhelming if you’re typically more of a subdued dresser, and can seem tough to incorporate if they’re not a regular part of your wardrobe.

If you’re taking your feminine wardrobe to the botanical max this spring, consider the following tips:

Tone It Down

The reason many women steer clear of florals? They seem like a lot sometimes. If you’re shooting for chic, you certainly don't want to look like you just robbed your dad of his favorite Hawaiian shirt. Giant, loud, bold patterns can just feel too extra sometimes. Instead, opt for pieces with lower color contrast or more neutral tones for an outfit that feels less like a bold statement and more like a witty comment.

Bright and White

Nothing keeps an outfit clean and chic like some crisp white basics. If patterns feel out of your comfort zone, add a safety blanket with some bright whites to keep the look feeling closer to your usual aesthetic.

Traditional Satin Class

Satin midi skirts are where sexy meets classy. Add florals, and you’ve got an extra dash of femininity too. Satin skirts are year-round stars, pairing well with everything from sandals to knee-high boots. But the warmer months are when they truly shine, especially paired with a shorter top for a look that makes you look tall and svelte.

Embrace the Lace

Who says flowers can only be in colored patterns? One of the most fun ways to incorporate blooms into your outfits is through floral lace. It’s an integral part of the coquette aesthetic, which can dress up your look with a dreamy vibe.

Maxi’s Back, Tell a Friend

Much like The Bachelor, maxi dresses are back for another season. Unlike The Bachelor though, they’re easy, breezy, and drama-free. Who doesn’t love throwing on a single piece of clothing and immediately feeling put together when getting ready in the morning?

Closing Thoughts

Feminine looks and fun patterns don’t have to throw your wardrobe off its groove. If you’re looking for a sign to make your wardrobe fun, flirty, and feminine this spring, the answer is simple: florals.

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