Find Your Perfect Signature Scent, Based On Your Favorite Taylor Swift Era

Calling all Swifties in need of a go-to fragrance: We’ve got you covered.

By Renée Walton3 min read
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Whether you’re a devout fan or just a casual listener, chances are you have a favorite Taylor Swift era. From her youthful and optimistic Fearless days to her edgy Reputation era and everything in between, there really is an album for everyone – and a signature scent to match. 

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Taylor Swift 

Taylor’s debut album came out when she was just 16 years old. That being said, the album is brimming with innocence and youth, which comes across in songs like “Tim McGraw” and “Our Song.” 

If Taylor Swift is your favorite era, you’re likely drawn to a bubbly, playful aesthetic. Consider a sweet and warm gourmand such as Skylar’s Boardwalk Delight. It features notes of cotton candy, vanilla, and coconut milk that will make you nostalgic for a teenage summer. 

Skylar Boardwalk Delight Eau de Parfum, $90


Taylor Swift’s second album Fearless is all about first loves and teenage romance. It’s innocent and youthful, and we start to see the pop side of Taylor with songs like “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me.” 

If you’re a hopeless romantic who still gets wistful thinking about your first love, chances are you’re a Fearless fan. Sound like your vibe? Then try a signature scent that’s girly, dreamy, and innocent. Marc Jacobs Daisy checks all the boxes – it’s a fruity floral with notes of strawberry, violet leaves, and jasmine that smells hopeful and pure, like the perfect teenage love story. 

Marc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy, $101

Speak Now 

Speak Now was Taylor’s first album in her twenties, and we can see her shedding her country roots and stepping into a more “pop princess” aesthetic. With songs like “Sparks Fly” and “Enchanted,” the album has a dreamy, magical quality, and we can see Taylor’s growing vocal confidence in tracks like “Haunted” and “Dear John.” 

If you’re a dreamer at heart with a little glam mixed in, try Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia. Featuring a blend of magnolia and patchouli, the fragrance evokes confidence and fantasy. And bonus: the lavender bottle matches the album’s purple theme.  

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia Eau de Parfum, $133


Red came out in 2012 and encapsulates Taylor’s early twenties. The album shows the artist’s budding independence with tracks like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and her growing maturity with “All Too Well.” That said, the overall vibe is still playful and vibrant, embracing the quirky style of the 2010s – think “22” and “I Knew You Were Trouble.” 

It should come as no surprise that Red calls for an apple-inspired fragrance. The album is classic, playful, and bold – just like a juicy red apple. Kayali’s Eden Juicy Apple perfectly embodies Red’s unapologetically vibrant attitude with notes of crisp apple, sweet berries, and fresh florals. 

Kayali Eden Juicy Apple, $27


With its clean and classic aesthetic, 1989 is like a breath of fresh air. The album, which features hits like “Style” and “Wildest Dreams,” celebrates the freedom that comes from feeling comfortable in your own skin.

If your style is bright and classic like 1989, consider an ocean-inspired fragrance for your signature scent. Replica’s Sailing Day is a blend of aquatic notes, subtle seaweed, coriander, and juniper for a blend that’s as refreshing as a day at sea. 

Maison Margiela Replica Sailing Day, $85


If some of your favorite looks feature dark lipstick and black leather knee-high boots, Reputation might be your Taylor Swift era. The 2017 album is a sharp contrast to Taylor’s easy, breezy 1989, and features moody tracks like “Look What You Made Me Do” and “Ready For It?”

Ready to step into your dark femme era and embrace your edge, just like Taylor in Reputation? Then consider Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium for your new signature scent. The fragrance is seductive and intoxicating, with notes of coffee and white flowers, and the sweet vanilla notes give it a feminine softness. 

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum, $130


With its rainbow pastel cover art and sweet-sounding singles, Lover is pretty much a complete 180 from Reputation. In her 2019 album, we see Taylor embracing her feminine side with tracks like “Lover” and “Paper Rings” while still maintaining her playfulness – think “ME!” and “London Boy.”

Lover era girls are soft, vibrant, and unapologetically feminine. If that sounds like you, LoveShackFancy’s Forever in Love needs to be in your perfume lineup. The fragrance is a fruity-floral blend of green pear, gardenia, and cedarwood that’s bright and optimistic. And what Lover fan can resist the bottle's giant pink bow?  

LoveShackFancy Forever In Love Eau de Parfum, $125


Released in July 2020, Folklore was a surprise release. With tracks like “cardigan” and “august,” the folk-influenced album is mellow, quiet, and a little melancholic – totally embodying the Covid lockdown timeframe in which she wrote the tracks. 

If Folklore is your favorite era, you might be a little introverted, but you’re warm and inviting once you’re comfortable with someone. Ellis Brooklyn’s Myth could be your new signature scent. With notes of jasmine, white musk, pink lotus, and cedarwood, the fragrance is described as “unforgettably gorgeous yet subtle…inspired by clean sheets and a swath of sun-warmed skin.” 

Ellis Brooklyn Myth Eau de Parfum, $108


Also released in 2020, Evermore has a similar aesthetic to Folklore but with a cozier feeling that reflects its December release date. The album has a quiet, woodsy vibe, featuring songs like “willow” and “‘tis the damn season.” 

With notes of bergamot, leather, sandalwood, and amber, think of Phlur’s Somebody Wood as the fragrance version of Evermore. It’s a warm, woodsy scent that’s deep and sensual with a touch of coziness. 

Phlur Somebody Wood Eau de Parfum, $96


By 2022, the whole world knew Taylor Swift – after all, she had been in the public eye for 16 years. That might explain why she decided to release what’s perhaps her most intimate album, Midnights. The aesthetic of the album is shimmery and moody, with elements of electronica mixed in with her pop sound.  

Several tracks on Midnights highlight Taylor’s vulnerable side – think “Anti-Hero” and “Bigger Than the Whole Sky.” This calls for a sheer perfume that’s musky and warm – reminiscent of a woman’s natural scent. Missing Person by Phlur perfectly encapsulates Midnights with notes of musky, bergamot nectar, and blonde wood. It’s fresh and sheer, but sultry and warm all at once. 

Phlur Missing Person Eau de Parfum, $96

Closing Thoughts 

Whether your signature scent is woodsy and warm like Evermore, or you’re more of a bright floral Lover girl, your signature fragrance is an olfactory expression of yourself. What will yours say?

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