Facebook And Google Pay For Their Female Employees To Freeze Their Eggs

Balancing family and career is work. It’s something many women have struggled with for years. Because our bodies are fertile and equipped to carry a baby for a limited time, we have to make serious decisions in early adulthood.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner3 min read
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Over the past decade, advances in science and technology have encouraged big tech companies like Facebook and Google to offer employees more than just the usual benefits. They began paying female employees to freeze their eggs in 2014. Along with the mainstream media, these companies promote the practice as a way to keep women in the workforce during “prime work years,” when they’re most productive in job settings. 

But success rates are far lower than what women should expect when told they can just freeze some eggs and start a family later. And the female body has limitations that exist for a reason. 

With all the mainstream campaigns to depopulate the earth, especially here in the West, could there be another agenda? Is it possible that these companies are manipulating workers because they actually don’t want them to have kids?

It sounds conspiratorial at first, but when looking at the facts, the truth is: probably. 

The Unfortunate Truth 

Egg freezing, scientifically known as oocyte cryopreservation, was approved for non-experimental use in 2012. It was seen as a breakthrough technology that would offer women more “freedom.” But in all honesty, it’s a lie sold to working women. 

“Just freeze your eggs and have kids later.” That’s how this practice is marketed despite the fact that success rates are low. Women under 38 have between a 2% and 12% chance that a healthy frozen egg will result in a baby. 

Women under 38 have a 2-12% chance that a healthy frozen egg will result in a baby.

Those are terrible odds. Not to mention that women are most fertile between the ages of 18-28. Plenty of women can and do get pregnant in their thirties, but a fertility decline exists and continues well into our forties before we reach menopause. 

The human body wasn’t made to carry an egg that was removed, frozen, stored, and then reintroduced into the body. That’s just the plain truth. So it’s no wonder that so many women are realizing they were lied to, and regretting their missed opportunity to have children. But what makes this more complicated is the continuous demonization of motherhood, parenting, and family. 

Does Paying Women to Freeze Their Eggs Have Another Agenda?

Facebook isn’t known for being compassionate or giving. They haven’t done much to protect children from harm either. And Google has been accused of skewing information and convicted of violating antitrust laws in Russia and the EU, while several states in the U.S. are currently battling the tech giant in court.  

Trusting your reproductive decisions to one of these companies seems ludicrous. But with the help of the mainstream media, our society has shifted away from portraying working women as versatile beings who can fulfill tasks and be a mother. It’s now common to find articles perpetuating the idea that women should wait to have kids and work through their most fertile years instead. 

Not to mention that we’re being taught that “sexism” and “the patriarchy” punish women for having kids and reward men for becoming fathers. Facebook and Google love perpetuating these ideas and dividing everyone up into little boxes.

They capitalize on keeping women working.

They capitalize on keeping women working. If female employees don’t have to take maternity leave and if they don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on maternity leave, health care, and child care – which their favored political party is trying to make universal, which will cost trillions – the price of egg freezing is nothing in comparison. 

Then there are the campaigns specifically targeting families, motherhood, and parenting as “selfish,” “bad for the environment,” or even “racist.” Google and Facebook don’t hide the fact that they support all of these new developments. 

Depopulation Theory

For decades now, zero population groups have been actively working with schools and organizations to teach our children that it’s wrong to have more than just one or two kids. And it’s working. The U.S. birth rate has been declining since the 1960s

While Facebook and Google censor satire sites, or anyone who questions the mainstream narrative, they allow reports that tell specific races they deserve to have fewer children, even though it’s clearly discriminatory. 

Why? What motive could they possibly have for wanting fewer Americans? 

These tech giants have a lot of stock in global ties. They’re not invested in American culture. Free market enterprise, freedom of speech, and (most importantly) parental rights offer too much competition to screen time and internet addiction. 

Facebook and Google make more bank from sucking people in than they do from promoting families and real-life experiences.

Facebook and Google make more bank from sucking people in than they do from promoting families and real life experiences. So could it be that they’re aiding in our own depopulation for their benefit? 


Just as womanhood has been manipulated by politicians and corporations since the ‘60s, motherhood is being toyed with. It’s being vilified as a burden and put off. 

Closing Thoughts

Facebook and Google are massive corporations with arguably more power than our own lawmakers. They like obedient workers and screen junkies. 

As they censor anyone who doesn’t agree with their politics, it’s easy to see through their agenda to divide, conquer, and control. And what better way to control a declining population than by teaching women to wait to have kids until it’s too late? 

Then they will have nothing but their career to focus on. And they will need to do as they’re told to keep that precious career. 

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