Every Disney Princess Movie—Ranked From Worst To Best

Every little girl loves Disney Princess movies, and many women do too.

By Meghan Dillon4 min read
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Some may argue that Disney Princesses are outdated or toxic (even though a recent study proves this to be false), but we wholeheartedly disagree. That’s why we rewatched the 13 Disney Princess movies (sequels like Frozen 2 don’t count) and ranked them from worst to best. Keep in mind that we love every Disney Princess and this article is meant for fun, not to offend anyone or launch a comment war.

Honorable Mention: Anastasia

I know, I know, Anastasia isn’t a Disney Princess movie because it’s produced by Fox, but we couldn’t help but add it as an honorable mention simply because it’s a masterpiece. Based on the story of real-life con artist Anna Anderson (sorry to ruin your childhood, but the real Anastasia was murdered in 1918), the story follows Anya, an orphan with no memory of her past. Dmitri is a conman who is determined to find the perfect Anastasia imposter to receive the reward money but discovers that he may have accidentally found the real princess along the way. We can’t forget about how Rasputin (who, unfortunately, was real) is the perfect villain, making this movie a must-watch.

13. Brave

It was tough to rank these because we love all of the Disney Princesses, but we had to rank the movies without love stories last because we’re suckers for romance. We love the Scottish folklore in Brave and how Merida is independent, but we can’t help but wish there was a Prince Charming and happily ever after for her in the end. There’s also no obvious villain or musical numbers, which kind of defeats the purpose of a traditional Disney Princess story. (Although, her hair is amazing.)

12. Moana

Similar to Brave, there’s no love story in Moana, but her friendship with demi-god Maui takes it up another notch. Moana is more than a story of adventure, as it tells the beautiful story of a young woman who finds herself on a quest to save her family home. Moana is as feminine as she’s a badass, and the music by Lin Manuel Miranda is a huge plus!

11. The Princess and the Frog

Tiana and Prince Naveen are adorable, and the American twist to the Disney Princess story is fantastic, but this movie just doesn’t live up to the hype of the classics. “Almost There” and “Friends on the Other Side” are absolute bangers, but the rest of the music can’t compare to songs from previous movies. Don’t get us wrong, we still love Princess and the Frog, but it’s not the best Disney Princess movie.

10. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty may be a classic Disney Princess movie, but how much do we really know about Aurora? We still love her, but why is the movie more about Maleficent and the fairies than her? Despite its flaws, we love this classic fairytale and how Prince Philip was based on the real Prince Philip and the late Duke of Edinburgh.

9. Frozen

“Do You Want To Build a Snowman?” and “Let It Go” are not only absolute bops, but they’re proof that Disney can still live up to the hype of the Disney Renaissance in the 21st century. We love that it’s mainly about love between sisters, but we also adore the love story between Anna and Kristoff, and Olaf might be the funniest sidekick ever.

8. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

The OG of Disney Princess movies (and full-length Disney movies in general) might be super old school, but it’s a classic for a reason. As the first Disney Princess movie, Snow White set the standard for so many more to come and has one of the most iconic villains in Disney history. “Someday My Prince Will Come” is also an underrated classic. It’s definitely worth the re-watch.

7. Pocahontas

Possibly the darkest movie on this list, Pocahontas tells a heavily fictionalized version of the story of the Native American historical figure. From classic princess songs like “Colors of the Wind” to songs with political undertones like “Savages,” this movie is as entertaining and thought-provoking for adults as it is for kids.

6. Tangled

Easily the best Disney Princess movie of the 21st century, Tangled has everything we loved in the Disney Renaissance. Rapunzel is as likable as a protagonist gets, and it’s an added bonus that she’s voiced by Mandy Moore. Mother Gothel is the perfect throwback to old-school villains and the love story between Rapunzel and Flynn Rider is magical with duets like “I See the Light.”

5. Mulan

As a character, Mulan is an absolute badass. She risks her life and safety (by literally putting herself in a warzone) to protect her father, and ends up saving her country. What makes this movie unique is that it appeals to boys as much as it appeals to girls, and “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” is easily the greatest Disney song of all time. And don’t get us started on how much we love Li Shang.

4. Cinderella

The character of Cinderella often gets a bad rep, but she’s the perfect example of feminine strength. Despite the abuse from her stepmother and stepsisters, she remains kind, which also helps her win over Prince Charming. She’s literally proof that kind girls finish first, which sort of makes her the OG Evie girl.

3. The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid was both the start of the Disney Renaissance and put Disney Princesses back on the map after a 40-year hiatus, making it an instant classic. Ariel might be young and naive, but she’s as loveable as she is strong-willed. “Part of Your World” has a special place in any Millennial's heart, and “Poor Unfortunate Souls” might be the greatest villain song ever written. Animal side-kicks Sebastian and Flounder only add to the charm.

2. Aladdin

Similar to Mulan, this classic appeals to boys just as much as girls because Jasmine is as much a protagonist as Aladdin. Both protagonists find themselves falling in love, giving us one of the greatest love songs of all time with “A Whole New World.” And how can we forget the late and great Robin Williams as the Genie? No wonder why this is a fan favorite!

1. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is not only up there with The Lion King as one of the greatest Disney movies of all time, but as one of the greatest movies ever made. Belle is probably the most relatable of all of the princesses, and the love story between her and the Beast is both beautiful and takes the viewer on a roller coaster of emotions. Gaston is a top-tier villain because you love to hate him. Songs like “Be Our Guest” are not only what Broadway musical dreams are made of, but they’re proof that every side character holds their own. This movie is as close to perfection as it gets, making it enjoyable for Disney fans of all ages.

Closing Thoughts

From classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to recent reimaging of fairy tales like Tangled, there’s a Disney Princess movie for everyone. No matter how old you are, it’s never a bad idea to indulge in nostalgia and re-watch some of your favorite Disney Princess movies.

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