Deplatformed Scientist Returns To Twitter And Explains How The Mainstream Covid Narrative Was A Scam

We've seen unprecedented censorship over the last few years since the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020. A scientist named Simon Goddek was banned from Twitter a year and a half ago, and he has just returned to share haunting details about how he and many other experts were silenced because they dared to question the mainstream Covid narrative.

By Gina Florio3 min read

First we were told that we had to lock ourselves in our home because coronavirus was deadly enough to kill perfectly healthy individuals. Then we were told to wear masks and take the vaccine (plus boosters) if we actually cared about other people's health. Slowly but surely, each pillar of the coronavirus narrative was been chipped away and proven to be complete nonsense. Meanwhile, there have been hundreds of medical professionals and experts who were silenced and banned from various social media platforms simply because they were reasonably skeptical of the information being released to the public and critical of the government's handling of the pandemic. Dr. Simon Goddek was one of them.

Deplatformed Scientist Returns to Twitter and Thoroughly Explains Why The Mainstream Covid Narrative Was A Scam

On December 27, a scientist named Dr. Simon Goddek posted a long thread on Twitter to announce his return to the social media site and share information on how multiple medical experts were silenced and how the American people were intentionally lied to about coronavirus. His last tweet before having his account reinstated was on July 7, 2021.

"I was banned from @twitter 538 days ago for stating that mutations usually make viruses less harmful. Although this is scientific consensus, the Ministry of Truth saw an opportunity to silence me," he writes. Dr. Goddek shares the statements that resulted in his ban.

"People have died being denied access to safe, effective, cheap, and available therapeutics, such as Ivermectin and Vitamin D because Big Pharmafia and the associated scientists™ and regulators prevented their use. The blood is on their hands," he wrote in 2021.

"Science, guys, SCIENCE! A German peer-reviewed meta-analysis shows that masks can lead to massive health damages. Is @twitter also going to censor this scientific paper, and put those who tweet about it to Twitter jail?" he wrote in another tweet in 2021. And, yes, Twitter did in fact censor a scientific paper and put Dr. Goddek in Twitter jail, first temporarily and then permanently.

Dr. Goddek then shares a long list of doctors, medical professionals, experts, independent journalists, etc. who were also victims of censorship, including Naomi Wolf, Thomas Binder, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Mollie James, Dr. Robert Malone, and more. Many of the names included on his list are still suspended from Twitter and have yet to receive access to their account again.

"For more than two years, scientists and freedom activists have been silenced under the pretext of a 'pandemic'. Brave journalists such as @tracybeanz have been muzzled for asking legitimate questions that threatened the deep state and those profiting from its existence," he continues.

He then shares a compilation of clips featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has flip flopped countless times in the past about the efficacy and necessity of masks during a pandemic. "One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that masks aren't effective against pathogens," Dr. Goddek wrote. "However, these allegedly corrupt pseudoscientists flip-flopped and suddenly fact checkers declared the truth as fake news and potentially dangerous. Social media platforms consequently banned those who insisted on settled scientific facts."

He also shares details of how he and many other experts were banned from Twitter because they were "asking simple questions concerning the approval procedure or potential adverse effects" of the Covid vaccine.

"Another example of @twitter's totalitarian behaviour was the suppression of the truth regarding Ivermectin and Vitamin D. Those who deliberately ran smear campaigns against these life-saving substances got blue-checked while those posting supportive studies got suspended," he continued. He shared tweets from various experts who made big claims of "misinformation" when it came to Ivermectin and vitamin D. Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding and Professor Gavin Yamey made light of the fact that some people were considering using Ivermectin, vitamin D, or zinc to treat Covid.

At one point, a medical journal even tried to claim that "unvaccinated people are to blame for adverse reactions among vaccinated people." This was a paper that "passed the peer review process." There were many journalists who "amplified" these unscientific statements, and Dr. Goddek names multiple "pharma shills" who went along with this nonsense, including Peter Hotez, a vaccine scientist who recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience and admitted that he eats junk food very often and doesn't take care of his health—all the while telling people to get the vaccine.

"This may never happen again, and this global scandal must be fully clarified in every country. It is of utmost importance that the censors and fact-checkers never get the chance to do such damage again," Dr. Goddek said. "Those who are currently stirring up panic about global warming are the same players who have advocated the social exclusion of the unvaccinated and the introduction of compulsory vaccination mandates. It is up to us to fully expose this scandal of global proportions and bring the perpetrators to justice. They will do it again and again if we won't stop them now."

Dr. Goddek reminds everyone that a true pandemic doesn't require a marketing campaign that is coordinated by the federal government, celebrities, and influencers. He also says gaslighting the general public is a crime that should be taken seriously.

"If it were really about our health, governments would regulate refined vegetable oils, sugars and drugs (i.e. nicotine and alcohol)," he said. "It was illogical that one could take off the mask while sitting in the restaurant, but had to put it on to go to the bathroom."

He is well-versed in the research of vitamin D and he has also started a business that is planning to launch a vitamin D supplement in January. He concluded by thanking various people who have supported him in the last year and a half. His thread has since gone viral and there are thousands of likes and comments from people who support him and his colleagues who have been unfairly silenced due to their reasonable skepticism that should always be present in the scientific and medical community.