Definitive Proof That Christina Ricci Is The Queen Of Halloween

By Keelia Clarkson··  4 min read
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Definitive Proof That Christina Ricci Is The Queen Of Halloween

Looking for a fun Halloween watch? Christina Ricci’s your girl.

It’s possible that I’m only noticing this now for the first time, but doesn’t it seem like everyone’s getting more and more hyped up for fall these days? Everywhere you look, there’s something pumpkin-flavored, someone’s tweeting about their new fall coat, and Halloween movies are trending on Netflix.

Loading up on spooky movies is one of the best ways to get into the spirit of Halloween, isn’t it? We gather round, lights out, candles lit, popcorn hot, ready to get creeped out. And if you’ve watched enough scary movies and shows, you’ll have noticed one face that keeps popping up: Christina Ricci’s.

At this point, she’s basically the queen of Halloween, having starred in her fair share of spooky stories. So which Christina Ricci movie should you watch next?

If You Like Ghost Stories, Watch Casper 

christina ricci casper kiss

Not only is it a classic, but it’s the perfect way to ease into the spirit of Halloween without being terribly frightening. Along with Christina Ricci, Casper has everything we really need for a cozy fall watch: Bill Pullman (everyone’s favorite ‘90s dad) playing a paranormal specialist, both friendly and troublesome ghosts, and a tiny town in Maine. Can’t we all agree that ghost stories are best when the ghost just so happens to be friendly, like Casper?

If You Want To Laugh, Watch The Addams Family

christina ricci addams family

Teeming with incredible characters, countless memorable moments, and lots of laughs, The Addams Family is the perfect thing to watch if we’re looking to lightheartedly join in on all the Halloween fun. Christina Ricci shines as Wednesday Addams, our favorite death-obsessed, deadpan little girl. 

If You Like Historical Fiction, Watch Lizzie Borden Took An Ax

christina ricci lizzie borden

Christina’s portrayal of Lizzie Borden, the woman accused of brutally murdering her father and stepmother with an ax back in 1892, is definitely on the creepier side. While we don’t know for sure whether or not the real Lizzie was innocent, Christina masterfully brings her story to life.

If You’re Looking for a Classic Story, Watch Sleepy Hollow

christina ricci sleep hollo

A trio that can’t go wrong together: director Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and our Halloween queen, Christian Ricci. Set in 1799 in the tiny New York village of Sleepy Hollow, we follow Ichabod Crane (Depp) as he investigates a series of murders in the town. A perfect mixture of paranormal, creepy, and thrilling, Sleepy Hollow will put you right in the mood for spooky season.

If You’re into True Crime, Watch Monster

christina ricci monster

While Monster isn’t technically a Halloween movie, it’s certainly disturbing enough to fit the season. We follow the story of Aileen Wuornos (Charlize Theron), a real life serial killer and prostitute who murdered several of her clients. Christina Ricci portrays Selby Wall, the fictitious girlfriend of Wuornos.

If You Want To Watch a Thriller, Watch The Gathering

christina ricci the gathering

Cassie Grant (Ricci), an American, is traveling all alone in England. When she gets hit by a car and loses her memory, things start to get strange: she begins having odd premonitions about the people around her — people she doesn’t even know, in a town she doesn’t know, in a country she doesn’t know. Things continue spiraling out of control from there.

If You’re Just in the Mood for Fall Vibes, Watch Penelope

christina ricci penelope

First things first: Penelope definitely isn’t spooky, but its fall vibes are immaculately cozy. Penelope (Ricci) was born with the nose of a pig due to an unfortunate curse on her family. But fear not – we still get to watch her fall in love with early 2000s cutie James McAvoy and enjoy her autumn wardrobe throughout the movie. 

Closing Thoughts

There’s no doubt about it: Christina Ricci is totally the queen of Halloween, and any of her creepy movies are sure to get us right in the mood for spooky season.

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