Covid Crazies: This Lady Hit An Older Man On Her Flight Because He Wouldn’t Wear His Mask While He Was Drinking

By Jane Swift··  2 min read
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Last Thursday’s Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta was reportedly an…interesting one.

Another Covid Crazy has surfaced on social media, once again involving an airplane. This time, a lady, reportedly named Patricia Cornwall, 51, went berserk on an older man on her flight – all because he wasn’t wearing his mask while he was eating and drinking (or so his story goes).

The video posted to Twitter opens after the encounter has started. The woman is already upset that the man has his mask down. He says he’s eating and drinking – but she doesn’t care. He calls her a Karen, which gets a laugh from nearby passengers. She continues to berate him, and the flight attendants gather behind her to try to diffuse the situation. One warns her by asking, “Ma’am, do you want the police to meet you on the ground?” To which she replies, “What about him?” She then continues to tell the man to mask up and insists that the flight attendants tell the man to mask up.

At this point, I feel it incumbent upon me to point out that throughout this entire argument, the angry lady IS NOT WEARING HER MASK EITHER. It’s tucked under her chin. 

Things get even more heated when the man calls the woman a “b*tch,” to which she responds by smacking him in the face. The man then tells her she’s going to jail for assaulting him. The woman continues to try to intimidate him while he continues to call her names. She then spits on him, and he says, “Now you’re double going to jail.” She scratches his face before the flight attendants force her farther down the aisle away from him, all the while insisting that he should “put his f***ing mask on” and that she won’t put her mask on until he does.

According to the end of the video, the Atlanta Police Department showed up on the tarmac to handle the situation when the plane landed. TMZ reports that she was “taken to a nearby ADP station, and was then handed off to the FBI.” CNN has followed up on the situation, reporting that she is in fact being investigated by the FBI and is facing a federal assault charge. If found guilty of the class A misdemeanor, she could face up to one year in prison and up to a $100,000 fine.

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