This Pathetic Man Took Photos Of Every Maskless Person In The Airport And Documented His Breakdown On Twitter

It’s been almost two whole years since the Covid pandemic began, but that hasn’t stopped some people from living like they’re still in the “two weeks to flatten the curve” phase.

By Jane Swift1 min read
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Most Americans have happily returned to their “normal” life – with the addition of an experimental vaccine or a mask (or neither). But some, it appears, are still crazed with fear over a virus with an over 97% survival rate, to the point of publicly shaming strangers on Twitter. 

A man named Aidan was so upset about “incorrect mask-wearing” in the airport terminal and on the plane that he documented all the people he was afraid of, all his efforts to report them, and consequently all his insane insecurity on Twitter.


Aidan seems fine with repaying one “encroachment” with another – posting photos of strangers without their permission on social media (which does nothing whatsoever as no one on Twitter can help him and none of these people are likely to ever know they landed on his Twitter account). According to Twitter’s private information safety policy, sharing images of private individuals is not allowed, but the only way to get them removed is if the individual himself reports it and asks for the image to be removed.

Fortunately, most of his audience seems to be saner, leaving various comments that indicate the problem is with him, and not the people around him.

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