CDC Unanimously Votes To Add Covid-19 Shot To The Recommended Childhood Vaccine Schedule

The CDC has voted to add the Covid-19 shot to the recommended childhood vaccine schedule and has taken to Twitter to defend themselves, stating that only “states establish vaccine requirements for school children, not ACIP or CDC.”

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
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A panel from the CDC unanimously voted to add the Covid-19 shot to the recommended vaccine schedule for children. The final voting will take place today, October 20, 2022. The Federal Register – a website that provides government notice for meetings –
states the event will include discussions on a variety of vaccines, including the Covid-19 mRNA jab. "Recommendation votes on pneumococcal, adult immunization schedule, child/adolescent immunization schedule and COVID-19 vaccines are scheduled. A Vaccines for Children (VFC) vote on COVID-19 vaccine is scheduled," is written on the government website. 

“As we’ll be discussing today and tomorrow, the incorporation of the COVID-19 vaccine in the immunization schedule and the vaccines for children or VFC program is an important step in the inclusion of COVID-19 vaccines in a routine vaccination program,” said Dr. Sara Oliver, a member of the CDC's ACIP.

While the CDC is trying its best to recommend the shot for minors, states have the final say in establishing vaccine requirements for children in school. "Thursday, CDC's independent advisory committee (ACIP) will vote on an updated childhood immunization schedule. States establish vaccine requirements for school children, not ACIP or CDC," the CDC tweeted.

Needless to say, users were not pleased with what the organization had to say about the issue. "States use your recommendation to set policy. Love the system you have set up here. Zero accountability. If your guidelines are just 'recommendations', why are the experts who disagree with [them] blacklisted?" asks @mmeJen. 

Closing Thoughts

The CDC’s attempt to add the Covid-19 vaccine for children is incredibly concerning. The shot has been found to increase heart problems in those who received it. Blood clots, irregular menstrual cycles, and other adverse health effects have also been reported by individuals who have received the mRNA shot. 

Concerned parents can still make a written public comment during the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices meeting on or before October 20, 2022 here. 

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