Cara Delevingne's Before-And-After Shocks Oscar Viewers After Revealing Drug Use And Self-Harm

Cara Delevingne has shocked viewers with her stunning Oscar appearance 6 months after being spotted acting "erratically" in public. The model recently revealed her drug use and addiction with Vogue, saying drugs gave her a sense of "feeling invincible."

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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Model Cara Delevingne has stunned viewers with her red carpet appearance at the 2023 Oscars. The Tell It Like a Woman star attended the event in a gorgeous red gown and Bulgari jewelry.

Cara's glamorous arrival was unexpected by many audience members since the model was spotted out in public acting erratically in 2022. Some speculated Cara was under the influence of drugs as she was captured by cameras looking disheveled and walking around without shoes. TikTokers have made several videos of her surprising before-and-after, as fans applaud her for her comeback.

The 30-year-old recalls the paparazzi footage with Vogue, describing them as "a source of overwhelming shame and embarrassment" that acted as an "urgent wake-up call" to stop using drugs and alcohol. “I hadn’t slept. I was not okay,” Cara admits. "It’s heartbreaking because I thought I was having fun, but at some point, it was like, Okay, I don’t look well. You know, sometimes you need a reality check, so in a way those pictures were something to be grateful for."

When Cara's grandmother Jane Sheffield passed away, she spiraled. Sheffield always provided a "rare safe space" for the model and allowed her to be herself. That summer, she turned to partying and substances for relief. "There was this need for change, but I was fighting it so much," she confesses. "I was welcoming in this new time but I was also grieving. It was like a funeral for my previous life, a goodbye to an era. And so I decided I was going to party as hard as I could because this was the end."

"There’s an element of feeling invincible when I’m on drugs,” she later explains. “I put myself in danger in those moments because I don’t care about my life."

Cara checked herself into rehab in late 2022, after realizing she needed help. Since then, she's been putting effort into healing and focusing on her long-term goals – including motherhood. "I’ve wanted a kid since I was 16," Cara says, who wants to freeze her eggs. "I want babies so bad. Back then I would not have been ready, of course – I just wanted to replace the need to look after my mom with a kid of my own."

In the meantime, she's apparently packing up her RV for an upcoming road trip with Leah Mason. "I still have a lot of energy," she adds, “but it’s not erratic. I’m calmer. I’m stiller."

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