Britney Spears Dances With Knives In Strange New Video And People Worry For Her Mental Health

The pop princess has been posting a series of odd dancing videos on her social media accounts, and this time she whipped out a couple large knives to play with. She claims they're not real, but many people are still wondering if she's doing okay mentally.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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Britney Spears, the 41-year-old pop sensation, recently posted unconventional dance videos that sparked concern and conversations amongst her fans and followers. In these videos, she is seen dancing with what appeared to be knives, to the song “Principles of Lust: Sadeness/Find Love/Sadeness (Reprise)” by Enigma. Wearing an orange polka dot crop top and white bikini bottoms, Spears clarified that the knives were not real and were part of an early Halloween enactment. Despite the reassurance, her fans remain concerned about her mental well-being, primarily due to her ongoing, tumultuous divorce from Sam Asghari, 29, her husband of less than a year.

Britney Spears Dances with Knives in Strange New Video and People Worry for Her Mental Health

The publicized split, initiated by Asghari citing "irreconcilable differences," occurred on August 16, leaving many to speculate about the details and reasons behind their separation. Spears, albeit shocked, expressed her discomfort and pain surrounding the divorce on Instagram, emphasizing that the intricacies of their separation were private matters. During this emotionally charged period, Spears has been reportedly receiving heartwarming messages from friends, suggesting a network of support amidst her distress.

The divorce has brought Spears's mental health to the forefront, with her inner circle expressing heightened concern about her well-being. Sources relayed fears of Spears undergoing a “dangerous downward spiral” and pointed to her recent unusual online activity as a potential sign of distress. However, amid speculations and concerns, Spears seems eager to embrace her newfound freedom and explore relationships, leaving her long-term desires ambiguous, as they seem to change frequently.

Spears and Asghari's interactions have reportedly been minimal since their separation. Spears had a brief connection with her former maintenance man, Paul Richard Soliz, but it was promptly concluded. The fluctuating nature of her relationships and the evolving circumstances surrounding her personal life have kept her intentions and desires under constant reassessment, reflecting the unpredictability of her current situation.

The dance videos, in context, serve as symbolic expressions of her internal tumult and external conflicts, providing a visual representation of her ongoing struggles. The public’s response to these videos underscores the pervasive concern for her mental health, especially considering her tumultuous history and the current challenges she faces. It also accentuates the continuous public scrutiny that celebrities, like Spears, face, turning their personal lives into subjects of public discourse and speculation.

Although Spears says the knives aren't real, not everyone is buying it. When she clangs the knives together, they sure do look and sound like they're the kind of knives to chop up things in the kitchen. Onlookers and fans alike are concerned about her dancing around with these weapons in her hands.

"Remember when I told you that this woman is a psycho and should never have been released from her conservatorship?" commentator and podcast host Matt Walsh said on X.

Many people who were not 100% supportive of Spears being released from her conservatorship for fear of her unraveling are feeling vindicated because it seems like she has been spiraling out of control lately. "There was a real rabidity to the “free Britney” movement that mimicked most movements on the left—knee-jerk, hysterical, devoid of serious contemplation, and overtly sentimental," Erielle Davidson wrote on X.

Spears’ conservatorship battle, starting in 2008, drew global attention. It was controlled primarily by her father, Jamie Spears, restricting her personal and financial decisions. Public concern grew with the #FreeBritney movement, as fans advocated for her freedom. Amidst legal struggles, high-profile testimonials, and public scrutiny, Jamie was suspended as conservator in 2021, leading to the termination of the conservatorship in November 2021. This conclusion marked a significant victory for Britney, reflecting broader dialogues on conservatorship abuse and mental health. The prolonged legal battle involved various lawyers, family members, and mental health professionals. Although many are happy that Spears is free, there are many more who are concerned that things won't end well for her without any kind of supervision, because whatever fame and fortune she was thrust into at a young age certainly had a longterm effect on her overall health and wellbeing.

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