British Model Goes From B Cup To GG Cup After Balancing Her Hormones—Here's How She Did It

One gorgeous model went from a B cup to a GG cup au naturel – here's how.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read 40 15

Hormones, despite their size, have a massive impact on how we function. They influence our actions, fertility, cycles, physical activity, weight, and emotions. When our hormones remain imbalanced – which is the case for millions of women – we experience a range of unwanted symptoms from depression, acne, infertility, and weight gain or loss, to low energy and diseases. Most people are unaware their health problems stem from hormonal imbalances. Once regulated, it can lead one to feeling and looking their absolute best.

Such was the case for the stunning Penny Lane, a rising model who's worked with some of the most well-known brands, including Charlotte Tilbury and Intimissimi. She's a certified holistic health coach from Cheshire, England, and an avid adventurer who loves to spend her time outdoors. As Penny revels in her recent accolade as a top 7 finalist for Sports Illustrated, it becomes clear that the model's success is more than just skin deep – embracing her nature and living in harmony with her cycle played a pivotal role in her journey.

The beginning of her career wasn't easy – feeling the pressure of her work, Penny excessively worked out and lived in stress, losing her menstrual cycle in the process. "When I'd lost my period, I remembered thinking, 'This can't be normal,'" Penny reveals in 28's Stories of Her. She was told there was a chance she wouldn't have kids one day and that she likely wouldn't get her period back.

The doctors tried to put her on medication, but Penny knew they'd only act as a band-aid rather than a cure. She eventually found her way to a holistic doctor who encouraged her to stop over-exercising and start meditating. After a year of living in sync with her body, her period returned. "Like magic, I got my period back. My hormones returned in surges, and through this process, my body transformed from emaciated and very skinny to feminine and curvy."

Through 28 Wellness, Penny restored her health and regained her period, igniting a radiant transformation that propelled her to the summit of her career. She went from being overworked, undernourished, and underweight to being healthy and confident with her newfound curves.

"Everyone asked me, they go, 'Have you done anything to your body?' And asking if I've had breast implants because I came back from such an extreme," she says, "But the answer is no. My body is completely natural, it's not surgery, and it's everything to do with hormones. My hips grew, my breasts grew, I went from a B cup to a double G cup within a space of a few months." She's right – Penny's bombshell physique is largely thanks to the surge in hormones she experienced on her path to wellness, similar to what happens in early pregnancy as estrogen and progesterone increase, stimulating the growth of breast cells.

Many women today are familiar with the opposite: low hormone levels, such as estrogen and progesterone, cause millions to experience headaches, mood swings, disordered eating, and the loss of menstrual cycles. The causes are many, ranging from birth control pills, overtraining, and stress, to poor lifestyle or diet choices. Once this is reversed, the body revitalizes and improves every aspect of living.

Here's how it works: 28 allows women to regulate their hormones and elevate their lives by providing them with daily exercises, nutritional guidance, and emotional insights tailored to their bodies' needs. It acts as a guide to living in sync with your cycles instead of working against them, helping to balance your hormones and optimize your life. Penny's journey with 28 serves as an empowering call to action for women struggling with their health worldwide.

"When I discovered 28, I discovered things about my cycle that I never knew as a woman," Penny explains. "The reason why I love this app so much is because nutrition and specific exercises through your phases can help balance out your hormones."

"I learned that painful periods aren't actually natural, that having a cycle is much, much more than just having a period," Penny adds. "Millions of women suffer silently every month. I'm here to tell you, it's not natural, but there is a natural solution. It's beautiful, it's intuitive, and it's free."

If you want to transform your well-being and enhance your natural beauty, start your journey by downloading 28!