Blondes vs Brunettes: Who's More Privileged?

Pretty privilege is a thing, but who gets it more?

By Nicole Dominique2 min read

A woman named Tatyanna has something to report to the girlies – apparently, blondes get more privileges, from free drinks to compliments. According to her and other women, the caveat is that they're treated with less respect than when they were brunettes. "So I just went back to being a blonde after being brunette for like the last year," she said.

Tatyanna added, "When I'm blonde, I get more free drinks, more stuff like that. At the bar, guys will come up to me and give me more compliments, but they are way less respectful, and they will say some out-of-pocket sh*t."

"Whereas when I am brunette, they're more respectful, and when they do come up and talk to me or buy me a drink, they don't say [as much] out-of-pocket stuff." She also explained that people took her more seriously when she was a brunette versus when she was a blonde.

Tatyanna's comment section is full of women saying they experienced the same thing when they went from brunette to blonde. "it's so true ppl laugh when i ask a question n i'm blonde," wrote someone named Milena.

Another commented, "CONFIRMED. But is it toxic that I like being blonde way better."

"i felt that girls were more positive towards me when i was a brunette," said Sol. "idk I think blonde gives off mean girl vibes to some ppl."

"very true that is why being blonde was the best decision for me," Sabrina added.

Researchers from Augsburg University in Minnesota showed 110 men pictures of women with different hair colors of various lengths. Participants were asked to rate each woman on how old they looked, their health, physical attractiveness, relationship potential, and parenting capability. The results revealed that men found light-haired women more attractive overall, even perceiving them as younger and healthier. However, they were also seen as more promiscuous, so men often picked them more for dates compared to brunettes.

In another experiment, Nicolas Guéguen investigated the attention women received at a nightclub. His study, "Hair Color and Courtship," had women wearing black, blonde, brown, and red wigs. He found that blonde women were approached the most. Yet, in a different study, blonde men didn't experience the same success when making advances toward women.

It does seem like blondes definitely get more attention, but I wouldn't say being seen as dumber or more promiscuous is a "privilege." So, while blondes might attract all of the men, it seems the "dumb blonde" stereotype is a hefty price tag rather than a privilege in the dating game.

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