Let’s Talk About Hot Girl Privilege

Since we’re all talking about privilege right now, how about we take a look at the obvious privilege of being a beautiful woman?

By Keelia Clarkson2 min read
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Privilege, of any kind whatsoever, is a pretty hot topic right now. The #MeToo movement called our attention to male privilege. The state of our economy during a pandemic allowed us to talk about upper-class privilege. Police brutality and racial issues caused many to discuss white privilege. The list of privileged parties goes on and on. But even with all this talk of privilege, there’s one privileged group in particular that we seem to be ignoring: beautiful women. 

This is an especially awkward privilege to talk about. None of us want to admit we think we have it (lest we be called narcissistic), but it’s also painful to consider the possibility that we personally don’t benefit from this privilege. Although we could say beauty is subjective, and therefore hot girl privilege isn’t real, attractiveness is only subjective to a certain extent. So while we all have a “type,” much of what we consider to be physically attractive is objective

The truth is, women who are considered physically attractive reap considerable benefits. Here are just four ways that being pretty pays off:

They’re Treated Better…by Everyone

It’s not uncommon for a pretty girl to receive preferential treatment everywhere she goes — whether it be getting better service at a restaurant, being given random freebies, or having retail workers treat them kindly, especially if they’re wearing makeup. Studies show that an attractive woman with makeup on is seen as more trustworthy and likeable simply based on appearance, endearing her to almost everyone she crosses paths with, without even trying. Even school-aged children will listen more attentively to a pretty teacher — so we start giving out preferential treatment early.

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They’re Given More Opportunities

Sometimes, a job opportunity will fall into our lap because of someone we’re lucky enough to know, but quite often, striking beauty is enough to land a good job. Due to something scientists call the “halo effect,” pretty women are more likely to get a second job interview, are readily seen as more confident and capable, get paid higher wages, and, purely due to facial symmetry, might even be regarded as more intelligent. Furthermore, good looks can even help get someone elected to public office. Sounds like it quite literally pays to be pretty!

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They’re More Likely To Get a Second Date

We all have that one friend who seems to get asked for their number every single time they go out, right? It’s no secret that traditionally pretty girls get a lot of male attention, due to the hit of dopamine we get when we see someone attractive. But even more than attention, beautiful women are regularly perceived as more sociable, warm, and sincere — meaning even if the first date with them isn’t all that, their date’s perception of them will still remain positive because of their looks.

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They Get Away with Murder

No, literally. Perhaps the most alarming of all the privileges hot girls benefit from, a study from Cornell University drew the conclusion that an unattractive defendant was not only 22% more likely to be convicted of a crime, but would also receive far longer sentences (an average of 22 months longer) than a more beautiful defendant. Furthermore, women frequently get much shorter sentences than men for the same crime. So the easiest way to get away with murder is by being a pretty girl. (But don’t do it.)

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Closing Thoughts

The proof is in the pudding — more conventionally attractive women do indeed reap quite a few benefits from their natural good looks because of our biological wiring.