The Shoes Every Fashion Girl Will Be Wearing This Fall, Plus Our Favorite Affordable Pairs

It started with none other than Sofia Richie, and it’s making its way into each of our social feeds, one by one.

By Anna Hartman1 min read
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That is, of course, the black fishnet ballet flat. If you haven’t seen this stunning, yet strange shoe choice, prepare yourself because it’s rolling down the pipeline and it has it out for your wallet. While Sofia may have donned these daring shoes during the last summer months, they are actually the perfect choice for fall due to their darker tone and classic silhouette. Not only that, but the fishnet style will ensure that your toes are the perfect amount of toasty in the everchanging September to November weather.

And, lucky for us, our favorite fashion retailers have jumped on board just in time for us to snag a pair at an affordable price (as opposed to Sofia’s Alaïa and Chanel pricey purchases).

If you want to get ahead of the trend and mix some edge into your wardrobe this fall, these fishnet ballet flats are the way to go. You can style them simply with your favorite pair of straight-leg denim, a chunky belt, and a white button-up shirt, or you can make a statement in a maxi skirt and crop tee for an extra feminine touch.

Continue on your path to achieving an air of quiet luxury this season with one of our favorite, affordable pairs:

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