Beauty Standards Around The World: Australia

The expression “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is substantiated by the varying standards of beauty throughout the world. What is considered beautiful in one country is often different in another.

By Molly Farinholt2 min read
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In Australia, the beauty standards seem to echo the overall vibe of the country, emphasizing one’s natural, unadorned features in a fun and free-spirited way. This stands in sharp contrast to countries like Russia and Korea where the ideal is a bit more rigid and refined. 

What’s Beautiful in Australia?

Australians uphold “fit, healthy, and natural” as the attributes that make you beautiful. Vibrancy, warmth, and self-confidence also top the list of qualities deemed important. Healthy skin and beautiful eyes are seen as the most desirable physical traits. According to a study done by beauty brand Nutrimetrics, moisturizer is the number one product used by Australian women, thus pointing to their emphasis on natural beauty. 

Makeup is used to a lesser degree than in other countries. While American women spend an average of $313 a month on appearance, Australian women spend an average of $70. Not surprisingly, cosmetic surgeries aren’t extremely popular in Australia either. In 2019, while the United States ranked number one for most surgeries, Australia was not even in the top 10

Who Is the “Most Beautiful Woman” in Australia? 

Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, actress Teresa Palmer, and actress/filmmaker Margot Robbie all make the list of the most beautiful women in Australia. 

But number one is stunning model Miranda Kerr, best known for being the first Australian Victoria’s Secret Angel. 

Gwyneth Paltrow, named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person in 2013, has called Kerr abnormally pretty. At the 2013 Met Gala, she even asked the model, “Is it weird to be that pretty?” Certainly, her beauty is unique — and completely natural. With glowing, youthful skin and piercing eyes, she’s the epitome of Australian beauty. She also exudes health and extreme self-confidence. 

In 2006, Kerr set out to help others achieve a natural radiance with the development of her beauty brand, KORA Organics. The philosophy behind her products is simple and very in line with Australian beauty ideals: healthy is beautiful. In an interview with Byrdie she stated that her products are about “holistically nurturing your mind, body, and skin” because “feeling pretty is about feeling happy, healthy, and confident.” 

The Easygoing Aussie Lifestyle  

Exterior appearance typically reflects interior values and sentiments. This is absolutely true for Australians, whose just-stepped-off-the-beach au naturel look reflects the country’s overall laid-back attitude. According to Dr. Tanja Luckins, a lecturer in Australian Studies at Melbourne’s Deakin University, Australians’ propensity for leisure arises from the country’s geography and favorable climate. The eight-hour day (eight hours for work, eight hours for rest, and eight hours for recreation) also originated in Victoria in the late 19th century, when union workers demanded better working conditions. 

With over 22,000 miles of gorgeous coastland and its vast outback rich in natural beauty, it’s no wonder that Australians prefer to live wild and free, soaking in the sunshine. Why spend hours on your appearance when you have bronzed skin, beachy waves, and a whole continent to explore? 

How Can You Achieve the Australian Look?

If you love the natural look of the Aussies, it’s not too difficult to imitate. Opt for a more natural makeup routine: illuminating primer, tinted moisturizer, concealer, warm blush, a bit of eye shadow in a color just darker than your skin tone, mascara to enhance your lashes, and subtle color on your lips. 

For your hair, achieve natural, beachy waves with a variety of techniques including braiding your hair at night, twisting your hair around the base of a cotton headband, or using a sea salt spray

Most importantly, be confident and bright, allowing your natural radiance to do the work. 

Closing Thoughts 

Australians really embrace their natural beauty, and we love that! Rather than trying to cover everything up, they highlight their features, focus on health, and glow from within. There’s no rigid formula for beauty; instead, they maintain a laid-back approach that ultimately illuminates mind, body, and soul.