Baby Who Was Denied Life-Saving Surgery Due To Vaccination Status Finally Received A Heart Transplant

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The government's response to coronavirus affected the economy in unprecedented ways, but it also significantly affected the type of healthcare people were able to receive.

In Nashville, TN, a family experienced a healthcare nightmare. Their baby August was only six months old when he was denied life-saving treatment simply because of his vaccination status. Congressional candidate Robby Starbuck, with the permission of August's family, shared this harrowing story on social media to raise awareness of how many patients (even infants) are discriminated against because of their personal medical choices.

Baby Who Was Denied Life-Saving Surgery Due to Vaccination Status Finally Received a Heart Transplant

Baby August was denied a heart transplant surgery at Vanderbilt University because his parents declined to vaccinate him. They were concerned how his immunocompromised body would respond to vaccines and opted out of all the shots (including the coronavirus vaccine) on a religious exemption.

"Dr. David Bearl is the one who demanded that they vaccinate baby August or else he wouldn’t receive the heart transplant he desperately needs," Starbuck said in the caption of his Instagram post that explained this horror. "His heart is failing and his life CANNOT be lost because of the agenda clearly at play here. Parental rights matter."

However, Robby returned to social media with good news about baby August yesterday.

"Huge news," he tweeted. "Remember baby August who had a failing heart and was refused a heart transplant over his vaccination status? He finally got his transplant today and surgery was successful!"

Robby asked his followers for their continued prayers and support of August as he recovers from surgery. For now, it seems as though he is doing well, and his family is extremely grateful for the support of the public as their family endured such a difficult time.

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