6-Month-Old Baby Is Denied A Heart Transplant Because His Parents Decline To Give Him The Covid Vaccine

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A family in Nashville is facing an unthinkable injustice as their 6-month-old baby is denied life-saving treatment because he hasn't been fully vaccinated.

Today Congressional candidate Robby Starbuck shared the news that a 6-month-old infant named August is being denied necessary surgery at Vanderbilt University because his parents didn't administer the coronavirus vaccine to him.

6-Month-Old Is Denied a Heart Transplant Because His Parents Decline To Fully Vaccinate Him

Dr. David Bearl is the doctor who demanded that baby August get the coronavirus vaccine in order to receive a heart transplant. "Dr. David Bearl is the one who demanded that they vaccinate baby August or else he wouldn’t receive the heart transplant he desperately needs," Starbuck said in the caption of his Instagram post. "His heart is failing and his life CANNOT be lost because of the agenda clearly at play here. Parental rights matter."

Starbuck spoke with August's mother about the situation they're in, and she shared details about what they're facing. She asked him to share August's story to raise awareness about this injustice.

"August’s parents have every right to do what they feel is best for their child. What happened to 'Do no harm'? Isn’t that the first guiding principle of medical care?" Robby wrote in the caption. "Not giving August a heart transplant is sentencing him to death. We can’t let that happen, not here in Tennessee and not anywhere else."

August's mom told Starbuck that Dr. Bearl is the only one who has demanded August receive the coronavirus vaccine. "She also said that Dr. Bearl specifically used the phrase 'I am mandating' when he made the demand for baby August to be vaccinated," he wrote. August's parents are declining the vaccine for both religious and medical reasons (they're concerned about how the vaccine will affect his immune system).

"Baby August needs your voice now," Starbuck urged. He shared the information that you can call Vanderbilt Hospital to "voice your concern." You can call the Vanderbilt Medical Center at 615-322-6154.

"A baby's life is on the line so please, be respectful and let them know that not saving baby August's life violates the core of what doctors are supposed to do," Starbuck urged.

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