Ariana Grande Sent TikTok Into A 1960s Eye Makeup Obsession

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ariana grande 1960s makeup

Ariana Grande channeled her inner Jackie Kennedy in the music video for her new song “Positions,” kicking off a 1960s makeup trend.

In the music video and album cover, Ariana channels several 1960s-inspired looks. 

TikTok users wasted no time copying her makeup looks and sharing tutorials on the video-sharing app.

Ariana Grande's Eye Makeup Became a TikTok Trend

The majority of the TikTok tutorials feature users creating cut-crease, cat-eye looks while the chorus of “Positions” plays in the background. Some users take a creative twist on the look and make it their own, while others show exactly how to get Ariana Grande’s eye makeup and glamorous ‘60s aesthetic.

This super simple tutorial is great for girls who struggle with cut-creases or winged eyeliner. But don’t stop with Ariana Grande’s nod to ‘60s fashion — here’s a brief overview of three of the biggest makeup icons of the ‘60s.

The OG 1960s Makeup Icons

Jackie Kennedy

As the “Positions” music video shows, Jackie was a fan of simple yet elegant fashion. She was also a fan of the occasional pink lip and took extra care of her skin to create a flawless base. Some of her favorite products are still in stock like the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Foundation.

Audrey Hepburn

Though the ‘50s were Audrey Hepburn’s most famous decade, her most famous role and look came from the 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The scene of Holly Golightly walking out of her taxi in a black dress and pearls to eat a croissant at Tiffany’s is legendary. Luckily, her hair, makeup, and outfit are easy to recreate.

Any black dress and strand of pearls can help with the outfit. The eye makeup can be achieved through false eyelashes and a couple of neutral eye shadows. It’s also important to make sure that your brows are neat, cheeks rosy, and lips the perfect shade of baby pink. The hairstyle requires you to tease the front sections of the hair before applying a bun insert and wrapping your hair around it. Finish by adding a French twist on the back sections of your hair.

If you’d like a more detailed tutorial, beauty YouTuber Jackie Wyers has the perfect Breakfast at Tiffany’s makeup tutorial.


Nothing screams the ‘60s quite like English model, actress, and singer Twiggy. She’s most famous for her spider lashes paired a pronounced cut crease and pink lips. Celebrities like  Zoe Kravitz have famously recreated Twiggy’s looks, as well as average social media users. Reddit user and Texas-based hairstylist Kayla Carruthers went viral for her Twiggy inspired makeup look earlier this year.

1960s Looks You'll Want To Steal

Want more ideas? Here are some of our fave 1960s inspired looks.

Closing Thoughts

Ariana Grande's eye makeup TikTok trend demonstrates how TikTok is becoming more and more influential in pop-culture, fashion, and beauty. It only makes sense for pop-culture beauty trends to go viral on TikTok, and it also shows more retro and classic trends coming back in style.

If you like 1960s fashion, check out our article on Sharon Tate's style.

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