Are You Deer, Cat, Bunny, Or Fox Pretty? Here’s The TikTok Viral Trend Explained

Once again, TikTok has come up with creative and fun ways to describe someone’s features. Here’s how to find out what kind of animal you resemble!

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
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If you loved TikTok’s “Four Types of Pretty,” then you’ll definitely enjoy this one. A viral trend taking over the platform has girls trying to figure out which animal they closely resemble: deer, cat, bunny, or fox.

If you’d like to know which one you are, keep reading to find out!

Deer Pretty

Like deer, women who resemble them have dark “doe eyes” that are typically round or large. They have long faces and soft features. The tips of their noses are usually not as sharp or pointy, and the shape of their jaw remains undefined. For example, Audrey Hepburn's famous, deep-brown eyes, prominent nose, and naturally soft aura remind me of a deer.

Examples: Audrey Hepburn, Cindy Kimberly, Lucy Hale

Cat Pretty

You're probably cat pretty if you have almond-shaped or sharper eyes with a small, round face! The stunning Anok Yai, with her smaller-shaped head, large upturned eyes, and piercing gaze, is reminiscent of a feline. Think Halle Berry and Zoë Kravitz – it's like they were born to play Catwoman!

Examples: Anok Yai, Halle Berry, Zoë Kravitz, Devon Aoki

Bunny Pretty

The head or jawline shape doesn’t matter much for this one – bunny pretty is all about having round cheeks and feminine features. They can have large or downturned eyes. Sometimes, a woman’s smile and teeth will place her in this category. Take Nayeon from the Kpop group Twice: She’s got round cheeks and a slim nose. I used the singer as an example since she is known for her adorable two front teeth, which her fans call “bunny teeth.”

Examples: Nayeon, Adut Akech, Ariel Winter

Fox Pretty

A fox has sharp features. They have long snouts and smaller eyes that appear to see right through you. People who are “fox pretty” typically have higher cheekbones, small (yet piercing) eyes, and strong jawlines. Megan Fox’s name is truly fitting for her. She’s got an intense stare, but her eyes aren’t too large, and her features are incredibly defined. 

Examples: Megan Fox, Madison Beer, Irina Shayk

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