Are You A Good Wife?

How do you know if you're a good wife? In our mothers' and grandmothers' generation, being a good wife meant supporting your spouse through thick and thin. It also meant preparing breakfast in the mornings and delicious dinners when your husband came home from work.

By Juliana Stewart3 min read
Are You A Good Wife?

But the world has changed drastically since past generations. Most women work nowadays, so many can't have dinner ready at 6pm sharp. Does that make you less of a wife? Of course not.

Most people gauge the quality of their marriage by their friends' relationships or by what they see on social media, magazines, and tv. The problem with comparing is you don't know what really goes on behind closed doors. Most don't question whether their friends are in healthy or dysfunctional relationships, which can blur what it actually means to be a good wife.

If you want a good husband, you're going to have to be a good wife too. 

Marriage is teamwork and requires both spouses to put in the effort to make it work. While many modern women might turn their nose up at the concept of being "a good wife," the truth is, if you want a good husband, you're going to have to be a good wife too

So what attitudes and qualities make a good wife in 2021? A kind wife and one of noble character?

1. A Good Wife Is Honest and Trustworthy

If there's one thing men appreciate the most, it's honesty. You can be the most beautiful woman in the world, but if you're not honest and genuine about your feelings and actions, it can be the undoing of your marriage. Trust is the foundation of all successful marriages and as the popular saying goes, “It takes years to build trust and only seconds to break it."

Trust is the foundation of all successful marriages.

2. A Good Wife Respects Her Husband

She understands that her husband needs respect more than anything else. She respects his thoughts and feelings, and she respects his role as a man and a husband. In return, her husband feels understood and sees her as his goddess. He showers her with love and affection. 

3. A Good Wife Is Her Husband's Biggest Supporter 

She is his biggest cheerleader, and this instills confidence in him, even when he doubts himself. Her firm belief motivates him to be a better man and to keep striving beyond his limits. You’re not always going to agree on things, however, a good wife knows how and when to question his judgment. She does this by speaking from her heart in a supportive and constructive way, rather than with critical condemnation, and he appreciates the tactful honesty.

4. A Good Wife Builds Up Her Household

She doesn't pit her husband or children against each other, and she never talks badly about family members behind their backs. She’s wise and understands that a united family is stronger than one that chooses sides, which can cause division and severe trust issues. Instead, she praises her husband in front of the children. She raises her children to be healthy and strong individuals. She’s grateful and proud of the strong family unit she has created. Her family respects, appreciates, and adores her in return.

5. A Good Wife Carries Herself with Class

Class isn't just about the clothes you wear, but also about dignity and respect for yourself and others. A good wife understands that how she carries herself reflects her character. Her husband is always proud to be seen with her around friends and family as she’s a testament and compliment to his own character. 

A good wife understands that how she carries herself reflects her character. 

6. A Good Wife Doesn't Hold Grudges

She understands that life is too short to hold onto grudges. When there’s a disagreement, she does her best to rectify the problem then and there. If you can't agree on minor disputes, she knows how to be the bigger person and to sometimes let him have the last word. At the end of the day, winning every argument isn’t what’s important in a relationship. She knows when to let things go, and she never uses past arguments or mistakes as ammo to make him feel guilty.

7. A Good Wife Cares about Her Family's Health

She understands the meaning of "you are what you eat" and is conscious about the foods she buys for herself and her family. She considers everyone's dietary requirements and does her best to prepare meals that are not only delicious and satisfying but also healthy and packed full of nutritional benefits. 

8. A Good Wife Gives Him Space and Freedom To Be Himself

She understands that her husband values his freedom. She accepts his family, friends, and his own personal time. She knows that when she gives him the space to be himself, he shows up as a better man, husband, father, and lover.

9. A Good Wife Is a Good Listener

She listens to her husband with keen interest. Whether he's talking about his job, favorite sports team, or the news, she gives him her full undivided attention. 

A good wife knows she needs to take care of her needs first to better care for others. 

10. A Good Wife Builds Herself Up

She understands that if she wants to be a better person for her husband and other people, she needs to take care of her needs first. She takes care of her mind, body, and spirit by practicing regular self-care. She also has a strong network of supportive family and friends to help her stay positive and who she can trust and fall back on in difficult times. 

Closing Thoughts

The path to being a good wife may not look easy, but remember positivity breeds positivity. Love is a verb, and trying your hardest to find joy in marriage will impact all areas of your life. 

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