Angelina Jolie Allegedly Hired A Hitman To Kill Her Because She Didn't Want To Commit Suicide

Hollywood A-lister Angelina Jolie has struggled with her mental health for years, and allegedly she once hired a hitman to kill her because she thought it would be easier on her family than if she committed suicide.

By Gina Florio2 min read
Getty/Vittorio Zunino Celotto

Voted time and time again as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Angelina Jolie has always been known as a beloved femme fatale Hollywood figure. She has acted in blockbuster movies like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Wanted, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and she has directed various films such as By the Sea and Unbroken. Her personal life has been splattered all over headline news, particularly her famous marriage and divorce from Brad Pitt, with whom she shares 6 children (3 of whom are adopted). Angelina also famously shared her decision to surgically remove her breasts, ovaries, and fallopian tubes because she inherited a mutated BRCA1 gene. Because she lost her mother, grandmother, and aunt to cancer, she chose preventative surgery in order to avoid any serious risks. Angelina has revealed in the past that she struggled with mental health issues, and allegedly she even hired a hitman to kill her when she was in the midst of considering suicide.

Angelina Jolie Allegedly Hired a Hitman To Kill Her Because She Didn't Want To Commit Suicide

Angelina once said in an interview that she wrestled with her mental health and felt like a shell of herself. "I've had a very blessed life, but I've had my own challenges. I've had PTSD," she said. "You often feel that feeling of being broken and wondering what you're capable of, and being concerned you're not able to be enough to protect and care for those you love."

Reportedly, Angelina attempted suicide when she was only 19 years old. But over the next few years of her life, she still didn't feel like she had the will to live. She allegedly hired a hitman to kill her because even though she wanted to die, she didn't want to commit suicide.

"With suicide comes all the guilt of people around you thinking they could have done something. With somebody being murdered, nobody takes some kind of guilty responsibility," she said in an interview.

She thought it would be easier on her family if she had someone kill her rather than commit suicide, and she even had specific plans to take out the cash from her bank account slowly over a period of time so it wouldn't look suspicious. However, the hitman wanted her to think twice before going through with it. "He was a decent enough person and asked if I could think about it and call him again in two months. Something changed in my life, and I figured I'd stick it out," she said. Good thing he convinced her to wait it out because she went on to have a wildly successful career and a family full of children.

Angelina hasn't had it easy after the hitman was called off, though. She revealed that she struggled with her mental health after her divorce from Brad Pitt. “I’m like everybody and... especially these last few years haven’t been the easiest, and I haven’t felt very strong,” she said in an interview. At the time, she was preparing for her role in the Marvel movie Eternals. “And I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to play these kind of characters, that pull out every bit of strength I have and that remind me that I can be strong," she added.

It's easy to look at gorgeous celebrities and think that their lives are fabulous, but many struggle with mental health issues behind closed doors, and it's not nearly as easy to live in the limelight as we may think.