People Are Discovering Andrew Tate’s Dad Was In The CIA And Now Some Think He’s An Asset

You’ve heard of Andrew Tate, but have you heard about the theories surrounding his CIA dad?

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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You’ve probably heard of this infamous man by now. He’s made the rounds on all major platforms for the unapologetic takes and advice he gives to his audience of young men. But not too many are aware of Tate’s background, and many users online have begun creating theories around the "alpha-male" persona we know as Andrew Tate, who seemingly went viral out of nowhere. Perhaps Tate’s success in being viral the past couple of months was truly his own doing. Or maybe, just maybe, was his virality planned all along? Okay, I know this all sounds crazy — but for the fun of it, let's go ahead and take a look at what some people are saying about Andrew Tate.

Andrew Tate’s Dad Worked for the CIA

A short video of Andrew Tate talking about his CIA father caused many users to question his integrity. In the clip tweeted below, Tate says, “My father when, when died, someone messaged me — who was in — cause my father was in the CIA, he held the CIA record for the fastest assimilation of a foreign language.” 

Comments on the post are split, with some users saying that Tate has no ties with the Central Intelligence Agency. Others believe Tate is a plant to cause division among the public. One user, @Anarchrist5, commented: “It’s why he delivers a normal message about masculinity and femininity but he does it in a divisive way.”

Another user, @1neomonkey, disagrees: “A CIA asset wouldn’t be exposing the truth about the Ukraine proxy war, NATO, expansion, and the WEF agenda. You’re jumping to conclusions.”

The CIA is no stranger to influencing public opinion and shaping perceptions. The agency is known for producing propaganda (and even violating human rights), so it’s no wonder people are opening up to the possibility of CIA plants existing in the media. Even the most influential journalists, television personalities, musicians, and politicians have notable CIA parents. Take, for example, musician Stewart Copeland and former president Barack Obama. Anderson Cooper also worked for the CIA, and it’s not uncommon for former agents to run for Congress. Even Frank Sinatra admitted to being a courier for the CIA, according to his daughter. With so many important figures having connections to the Central Intelligence Agency, it’s no wonder people can’t help but question which individuals are “controlled opposition.” However, in Tate's case, this is most likely a stretch since he has been making content for years. 

Closing Thoughts

Andrew Tate probably doesn't have CIA connections like some people believe, but there is one thing for certain – the mass media is using Tate’s content to create division among the public.

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