America Has A Boy Crisis

America has a boy crisis.

By Lisa Britton3 min read
Ladies, We Have A Boy Crisis

The Brookings Institute recently released a report that showed parents, both liberals and conservatives, are more worried about their sons’ futures than their daughters’. Our boys are not okay. Moms are worried about how this new world we’re living in will treat their boys today and in the decades to come.

I often wonder how things might be different if, 20 years ago, society had listened to the Factual Feminist Christina Hoff Sommers when she warned the public in her book, The War Against Boys, that there was indeed a war against boys and we’re leaving our boys behind to our own detriment. Rather than take her warnings seriously, she was accused of being a “Bootlicker of the Patriarchy” by feminists.

But Sommers was right, and sadly, because society continues to turn a blind eye to the issue, the problem has only gotten worse.

Parents are more worried about their sons’ futures than their daughters’. 

In our zeal to empower girls, we have left our boys behind...for decades. Because we want to get more women into the top roles in society, we have ignored the peril of young males’ decline. We’re seeing the repercussions today. In addition to watching our boys fail while pushing girls ahead, there has been a mainstream anti-male propaganda campaign taking place, essentially shaming and blaming boys and their masculinity. They’re just defective girls. They’re inherently monsters. They must change to be acceptable in our modern-day society.

You might be thinking, “A boy crisis?! What are they talking about? Look at all the men at the top. Boys are doing just fine!” That’s the mainstream mentality, but when you stop to actually think about it, it’s absolutely ridiculous. There may be more men at the top of society, but that doesn’t mean boys and men are doing “just fine” everywhere else or that we should ignore the issues that affect them. Boys are struggling.

Boys Are Falling Behind Girls in School

 Boys have fallen far behind girls academically. Our school system increasingly favors female traits and doesn’t respect boys’ unique style of learning, which only leads to the expansion of the education gender gap. Research also now shows that boys are more at risk of struggling and falling behind because of remote learning during the COVID pandemic.

Shouldn’t we be adequately preparing ALL children for the future? 

Scholarships and programs disproportionately favor girls. Research shows that 92% of sex-specific scholarships are reserved for women, when 58.6% of college students are already female, and females earn the majority of associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, AND doctorate degrees! We’re watching boys fall far behind, and rather than DO something to encourage boys, we tell them they’re “the problem” while tripling down on “girl power!”.

The statistics are real. For every 100 girls, there are: 

  • 145 boys who repeat kindergarten

  • 168 boys with communication disorders

  • 180 boys who abuse drugs and alcohol

  • 207 boys classified as having a learning disability

  • 318 boys who die by overdose

  • 237 boys diagnosed with ADHD

  • 240 boys suspended from school

  • 291 boys expelled from school

  • 355 boys in public schools classified with emotional disturbance

  • Boys over 14 are 4x more likely to die by suicide

There’s a Lack of Good Male Role Models

Another problem for our boys: the lack of strong, male role models. A boy needs a man to teach him how to be a man. More and more often, boys are growing up without a father in the home to help guide him into adulthood. Then he goes to school where, more and more often, there aren’t male role models there either. Only 11% of elementary school teachers are male. 

A boy needs a man to teach him how to be a man.

The absence of a father in a young boy’s life makes him much more likely to encounter struggles. The problem isn’t masculinity. It’s there isn’t enough masculinity in our homes and schools. The absence of fathers leads to more crime and more poverty. Society should be honoring the importance of fathers and intact families, but instead they promote, normalize, and encourage the further destruction of the family. 93% of our inmates are male, and 90% grew up without a father. I see a connection here.

Men Suffer from Systemic Sexism

There’s serious systemic sexism towards men in society today. The mainstream belief is that all boys and men are doing just fine and it's girls and women who need all of our help. Well, as you can see, boys and men are faring worse than girls and women in many ways. Let’s take healthcare for an example. There are currently several federal offices for women’s health in the U.S. but not ONE for men, despite men having a far shorter life span and the fact that boys and men die sooner from nine out of the 10 leading causes of death! Men are jailed longer than women for committing the exact same crime. The family court system still favors women to an extreme.

President Biden promised that gender equity would be at the forefront of his policies, so he formed a new council called the Gender Policy Council, co-chaired by Jennifer Klein and Julissa Reynoso Pantaleon. The problem with this council is that it only addresses the issues that girls and women face. It’s sexist towards boys and men. The Biden administration doesn’t believe that they have to address the issues that affect boys and men, which isn't surprising if you've been paying attention.

Women Have a Responsibility to Men

Well, I believe we ladies have to DO something about this! Why should we care? Well, for starters, we should be good human beings who have compassion for all. We all have partners, sons, brothers, fathers, and nephews whom we care about. We want our daughters to have good men to date. We want to have safe streets for our families. We want everyone, no matter their sex, to have equal opportunity and not be discriminated against solely based on their gender.

Men and women aren’t on two opposing sides.

We have to let go of our instilled victimhood and embrace the truth. Embrace the facts. I believe, ironically, that things won’t change unless we have more women seeing the light and taking a stand for our boys, men, and the family. When only men take a stand, they immediately get called “misogynists,” and it gives the other side fuel to double down on their anti-male agenda.

Closing Thoughts

Men and women aren’t on two opposing sides, we’re on the same team! Boys and men need our help, ladies. Take a stand! Share the data! Publicly call for the Biden Administration to make an INCLUSIVE Gender Policy Council, one that doesn’t exclude boys and men. If we allow our boys to fail, we will all fail. The future is female? No, the future is everyone!

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