All The Makeup Inspiration You Need For Valentine’s Day

By Nicole Andre
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All The Makeup Inspiration You Need For Valentine’s Day

It’s pink, red, and sparkles galore! Could there be a better day of the year to have fun with your makeup than Valentine’s Day?

Whether you’re married, single, or have a boyfriend, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to indulge yourself a little bit. Chocolate? Yes, absolutely, but also to have some fun with your outfit (psst, we have a list of great date night outfits) and, of course, your makeup.

Now I’m not really one for the over the top Instagram and YouTube makeup that you often see. Don’t get me wrong, it’s impressive what a lot of people can do! But, at the same time, it becomes more about the makeup than the woman wearing it. So if you’re interested in Valentine’s Day makeup looks that are more on the subtle side, keep reading.

Let the Red Lip Take Center Stage

I had to start off with a classic red lip. What’s more fitting for Valentine’s Day? This is one way to go bold with your makeup without having it be too over the top. To keep your lipstick looking good all day, I recommend a satin finish lipstick to keep your lips moisturized as matte formulations tend to be quite drying. So if you do go for matte, make sure you use a lip balm underneath. Aquaphor also works really well!

You can either go for really barely-there eye makeup or opt to continue the Valentine’s Day theme on your lids with shimmery pink eyeshadow. Both are great options, so you really can’t go wrong.

A Muted Red

One thing to understand is that a red lip doesn’t have to be crazy bold. If a bright red lip is a bit much for you, try a more muted red instead. Tissues for blotting will also be your best friend because it lets you tone down any shade that you already have. Another trick is to dap the lipstick on and spread it with your finger rather than applying straight from the tube because this lets you build the color to your desired shade. 

Pink Eyes and Lips

Or, hey, maybe red just isn’t your thing at all. Pink can also be really stunning! I love the idea of doing pink on the eyes and lips. And again, how bold your look is really depends on your taste. You can go for colors that are more saturated or more subtle. A bright pink lip with a more subtle pink eyeshadow is easier to pull off since a bright eyeshadow look is harder to do. And the night of your romantic dinner isn’t exactly the best time to see if you’re James Charles with an eyeshadow palette.


Sparkle makes everything celebratory, whether it’s the décor or your face. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to add some shimmer to your makeup look. The best places to do this are eyeshadow and highlighter. Warm skin tones also look gorgeous with a shimmery bronzer applied. You can thank makeup for helping to give you a glow in the middle of winter!

Combine Blue and Pink for a Fun Take

Blue eyeliner probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day makeup. It’s very Princess Diana! And while the blue eyeliner is an unexpected touch, it complements the pink lipstick. The key to it not looking super over the top is that it’s just a touch of blue eyeliner rather than a supersaturated blue eyeshadow look. If that’s your thing then go for it, but I do think blue eyeliner is a lot easier to pull off. I would also suggest going for a neutral pink as opposed to something bright to help offset the bright blue eyeliner.

A Rosy Flush

One thing you definitely don’t want to leave out of your Valentine’s Day look is a touch of blush. Blush has been left behind by modern makeup a bit with all the talk about eyebrows and contouring, but it’s a very important part of your makeup routine that will give you that glow-from-within look.

Bright Pink Lipstick

If there ever were a day where hot pink lipstick is a perfect choice, it’s Valentine’s Day. Leave the rest of your makeup really natural and make the hot pink lipstick the focal point of your makeup. You can also add a gloss to your lip color and wear a little more highlighter than you normally would for an extra glowy look. 

I also love the way the purple eyeshadow Mary Greenwell did for Amanda Seyfried looks when paired with the pink lip. So if you don’t love the way the more neutral eye looks, consider dipping into some purple shadow for the night.

Pink Eyes and Nude Lips

And for the opposite of the last makeup look, we have bright pink eyeshadow and nude lipstick. Makeup entrepreneur Selena Gomez really rocked this look that celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo did for her, and so can you. You’ll notice that he leaves it lighter towards the inside and middle part of the eyelid and darkens it in her crease and outer corner. After that, it’s all about blending!

Soft Pink

As much as Valentine’s Day makeup is all about red and pink, it also doesn’t have to be super bold. I love the spring vibe that coral toned pink gives to fair skin and how gorgeous mauve tones are on darker skin. Your makeup doesn’t have to scream, “it’s Valentine’s Day” to be a little more special. Sometimes less makeup is the most elegant anyway!

Closing Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to have a bit of fun with your makeup. It will help make the day feel special, especially if you aren’t going out that night. If anything, just go pick out a really nice new lipstick and do the rest of your makeup as you normally would. Nude, red, or pink, you’re sure to look amazing!

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