6 Reasons Why K-Drama's Vincenzo And Cha-Yeong Are #CoupleGoals

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a bit late to the Korean Wave phenomenon. However, digging through Netflix for a new show over the holidays last year led me to K-drama and one of its most popular manifestations, “Vincenzo.”

By Kathleen Thomas3 min read
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Vincenzo had me hooked from the first episode, from the stellar acting from Song Joong-ki and Jeon Yeo-bin to the ever-fabulous outfits. Although the riveting revenge plot and legal drama had me on the edge of my seat, much of the show’s greatest charm stems from the romance between Vincenzo Cassano and Hong Cha-yeong. The couple’s interactions are sometimes sweet, sometimes goofy, and sometimes downright swoon-worthy. There are countless little moments that make their onscreen relationship an outstanding one, even in the romance-heavy field of K-drama. Here are the top six reasons why Vincenzo and Cha-yeong (‘ship name: Chacenzo) make our hearts flutter so effortlessly.

1. Their Foundation of Friendship

Unlike many K-dramas, the romance doesn’t start with either love-at-first-sight or instant enmity to get the chemistry sizzling. Cha-yeong and Vincenzo become unlikely allies in a legal battle against a corrupt pharmaceutical company, and although she tends to get on his nerves by upending his well-ordered world with her high-heeled chaos, the pair develop a steady friendship long before any romantic feelings begin to spark. They drink makgeolli together, go shopping together, and keep up a stream of banter while poring over legal documents together. Seriously, they even find a way to argue about the shape of bungeoppang, a Korean street pastry. The sass is wholesome and utterly constant. Who wouldn’t want such a wonderful friendship as the cornerstone for romance?

2. They Call Each Other Out

Truly caring about each other means that you stand up to your friend when you think they’re wrong, in both serious and light matters. Neither Vincenzo nor Cha-yeong have any fear of this and regularly call each other out on their mistakes. When Cha-yeong is selfishly working for a corrupt law firm, Vincenzo doesn’t hold back with his disdain for her actions, and when Vincenzo is avoiding the truth about his estranged mom, Cha-yeong advises him from her own experience to be more courageous.

In more playful scenes, the pair keep each other accountable by betting “finger flicks” on whether they turn out to be right or wrong; this only leads to further shenanigans as both become oh-so-flustered when actually carrying out the dare. Vincenzo’s and Cha-yeong’s complete comfort in calling each other out on being wrong – and the fact that they never really lose their temper with each other – shows the ideal of emotional security in a relationship.

3. The Royal Treatment

Despite his sharp criticism early in their relationship, Vincenzo’s sweet thoughtfulness for Cha-yeong grows naturally with their friendship. The show portrays his gentlemanly tendencies without too much fanfare, but it’s the little things that matter. Vincenzo opens every door for his lady as they saunter through a rival law firm, holds her purse while she presents her legal strategies, and brings her coffee after springing her from jail. 

Even while they’re committing fraud as fake shamans, the guy still finds time to fan her and give her flowers. This is a good time to mention that he looks at her like she’s made of gold for about 99% of the show, right? The warm fuzzies are present and accounted for.

4. A Power Couple

Vincenzo and Cha-yeong are a perfect team in all their endeavors, both legal and… less legal. From taking on Babel Pharmaceuaticals in court to tag-teaming an interrogation of corrupt cops, they give a whole new definition to “power couple.” As a former Mafia consigliere, Vincenzo always seems to be truly delighted to show her new tricks of the criminal trade. They somehow manage to make even bribery and intimidation seem sweet as they share bubblegum while watching the downfall of their enemies. The two of them are always in perfect sync, especially with their iconic fist-bumps after every little victory. 

vicenzo fist bump k drama

Not to mention they have their power-poses down to an absolute science. Their complete confidence in each other’s abilities – plus the adorable little smile Vincenzo gets when Cha-yeong does something bold and crazy – is truly the stuff of dreams.

vincenzo power walk

5. They’re Always There for Each Other

With all the laughs, eyerolls, and cups of coffee, Vincenzo and Cha-yeong are still there for each other when it really, really matters. With a big mouth, stubborn principles, and no fear, Cha-yeong is always getting into scrapes with dangerous people, and Vincenzo’s dramatic rescues provoke squeals every time. Looking that good while fighting in a black coat is just a bonus, isn’t it? 

While Cha-yeong can’t take out all of the bad guys that come after her man in turn, she proves her loyalty and love just the same by following him into danger to make sure he’s safe – even taking a bullet for him. They always “share the danger” as Cha-yeong insists is proper for *cough* partners in a legal case. Honestly, waiting for these two brilliant people to realize they’re head-over-heels for each other makes for half of the suspense in this drama.

6. Unmatched Aesthetic and Chemistry

Beyond the purse-holding, the bungeoppang-eating, and the bullet-dodging, Vincenzo and Cha-yeong have that extra little something that makes them a true pleasure to watch. Their chemistry is undeniable, as the writers need only two kiss scenes to punctuate what countless acting choices have already told us by the end of the show. 

Both Vincenzo and Cha-yeong have picked up on each other’s habits, memorized each other’s favorite phrases, and finally realized that they are most at ease when the other is nearby. Despite the first “real” kiss occurring only minutes before the season ends, the relationship feels perfectly paced. Besides, ladies, if a man literally has applauded your outfit and brought you coffee and taken you out to watch the villain’s undoing with popcorn, then you don’t need the kiss to know that there might be something there. 

Closing Thoughts

The writers of Vincenzo knew exactly what they were doing when they put such an entrancing couple on the screen. Not only did Vincenzo’s debonair style have us sighing, but his and Cha-yeong’s romance is truly to swoon for. Even if you don’t have a flair for arson or ready access to makgeolli, there are still plenty of lessons to take away from Vincenzo when it comes to building a relationship that lasts. If nothing else, Vincenzo shows that fried food, sass, and a stunning outfit aren’t a bad place to start for romance. 

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