56 Random Things Men Do That Women Love

Many voices on the internet claim that women won't look twice at a man who isn't 6'5 with a trust fund, but the truth is there are countless little things that men do that turn women on.

By Camille Lowe2 min read
Pexels/Stephan Louis

Everyday actions might seem mundane at first glance, but many random, seemingly small things that men do can be hot. Whether it's the way he walks or his ability to parallel park with ease, women across social media have weighed in with all the random things men do that turn them on.

Giving Words of Affirmation: Sweet, thoughtful, and super hot.

Mansplaining: If it's something we genuinely need to be explained, also hot.

Going Shirtless

Showing Off His Arms: Same idea but bears repeating—a man flaunting strong, well-defined biceps is hot.

Having Veins in Forearms: Idk why but this has been verified across social media.

Being Chivalrous: Timelessly hot.

Opening Jars: Another classic.

Wearing a Uniform

Caring for Kids and Old People: Showing care and respect for vulnerable people is endearing and also hot.

Having Great Posture

Being Competitive: As long as he's not going overboard, a little competitive spirit is hot.

Appreciating Art and History

Being Honest

Focusing Intensely When Working: Focusing super intensely is such a hot man thing to do.

Wearing a Hat Backward

Doing Things He Enjoys: Genuine enjoyment and having fun is always hot.

Riding a Bike or Skateboard or Surfing

Being a Good Dancer

Parallel Parking: Really, men driving in general is a whole genre of hotness.

Helping Others: Helping someone in need without hesitation is the foundation of masculinity, so it's understandably hot.

Walking with Confidence

Playing an Instrument: Evidence? Groupies.

Having a Sense of Humor: Making women laugh makes a man's hotness level skyrocket even when the looks department isn't as strong.

Caring for Animals

Wearing a Nice Suit

Taking Charge in Crisis: Staying calm saving the day? HOT.

Making Surprise Romantic Gestures

Showing Patience: One of the hottest virtues.

Making Eye Contact: Steady, confident eye contact at just the right moment? Pick us up off the floor.

Being a Good Listener

Laughing Genuinely: If the corner of his eyes crinkle up? Extra hot.

Telling Great Stories

Fixing Things Around the House

Oh, and this:

Being Passionate About Important Issues: We love a hottie with a cause.

Chopping Wood

Wearing Classic Sunglasses

Being Dependable

Grilling at a Barbecue: The potential for hot puns is limitless.

Having Situational Awareness

Protective Gestures: There's a reason the entire romance genre was built on, "He put his hand on the small of her back."

Planning Dates

Standing Up to Bullies

Speaking Confidently in Public: See groupies^

Loving His Family

Throwing His Girl "The Look"

Being Handy with Tech: A figurative and literal turn-on.

Being a Good Listener

Following a Morning Routine: Think "GRWM" but it's a man listening to his favorite podcast while he shaves.

Wearing Fitted Sweatpants or Joggers: Catnip for the modern women.

Being Outdoorsy

Wearing Button-Down Shirts

Speaking Another Language: Tres hot.

Playing Pool or Darts or Smoking a Cigar: It gives that old-school hottie vibe.

Expertly Handling Firearms

Carrying Heavy Things

There are many, many more, but we simply don't have all day.

Hopefully, this serves as a reminder that little everyday gestures and genuine moments can spark attraction and capture women's hearts.

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