51 Work From Home Wardrobe Essentials We’ll Never Stop Wearing

Still working from home? Prior to Covid lockdowns, the WFH lifestyle was nothing more than a pipedream for most of us corporate girlies. Fast forward four years, and it seems as if nearly everyone we know is clicking away in the comfort of their own home, getting their work done while listening to a pop-culture podcast and lounging in athleisure.

By Anna Hartman1 min read
Dupe/Cora Pursley

Whether you, like me and countless others influenced by TikTok, use an under-the-desk treadmill during your workday to get in those coveted ten thousand steps, or you prefer to lounge in the comfiest chair you own with a face mask on and a warm cup of tea (or dog) in your lap, most us have happily given up our stuffy, corporate uniforms in favor of more practical, loungewear clothes. 

We know by now that we can’t (or at least, shouldn’t) roll out of bed and spend the day in the same pajamas that we went to sleep in because it has a significant impact on our energy, motivation, and mood. Most of us are also aware that the simple act of throwing on something that’s cute, matching, and a little bit elevated helps us romanticize our day, gives us a boost of confidence, and encourages us to run those lunchtime errands or go on that walk outside we’ve been saying we would get to. 

Essentially, our work from home wardrobe staples should be practical, professional enough for those impromptu Zoom calls, and, well, cute. We’ve had four years of practice curating our WFH wardrobes, and it’s safe to say that we’ve got our uniforms down pat by now. So today, our Evie girls are sharing the 51 WFH wardrobe staples we’ll never stop wearing (or recommending!). 

Take a break from your to-do list and order some items that will make your WFH lifestyle even more joyful. We promise your boss won’t mind the pep in your step once you get these new, gorgeous clothes in the mail!

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