4 Health Concerns To Watch Out For When Traveling

Taking a fun trip is always a treat, and of course, you probably want to cram in as much activity and sightseeing as possible to take advantage of the time. We just assume that jet lag will make us feel pretty tired – if not wiped out – when we get home, but there are a few ways to prevent that extreme exhaustion.

By Anna Hugoboom2 min read
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These problems can be minor or major depending on how long your trip is. If you’re a digital nomad, then these problems can easily become more concerning since you’re in a continual travel mode, moving to new places after a short period of time and exploring. But even if you’re just going on vacation or spring break, here are a few things to keep in mind while you enjoy yourself (yes, girl, enjoy that tropical cocktail!).

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1. Malnutrition

No, I don’t mean not getting enough food, but rather, not getting enough of the right foods. Many people don’t supplement with vitamins, so if they frequently travel, they can often get in the habit of not feeding their bodies enough proper nutrients necessary for good immunity, digestion, and energy. Try to eat at least one healthy meal per day while traveling, and if you eat dessert, maybe pair it with a light meal with clean protein and prepared vegetables. You can also pack a complete multivitamin or some dietary supplements for B vitamins and vitamins C and D.

2. Dehydration

It’s easy to get dehydrated when traveling because you’re distracted with itinerary activities, don’t want to worry about carrying a water bottle, simply forget to drink water (especially in cool/cold climates), are splurging on vacation cocktails (alcohol dehydrates you), and often don’t want to worry about finding a bathroom out in strange, public areas. 

But if you get dehydrated, you’ll get tired more quickly, likely have headaches, and you won’t sleep well, making you even more exhausted in the long run. Consider setting alarms for yourself to drink water and always take advantage of mealtimes (drink a full glass before you eat your food).

3. Constipation

When you get dehydrated, you can easily get blocked up. Traveling has its stressors, and a changed/hurried schedule can contribute to constipation. Plus, you’re probably not consistently eating fruits and veggies while on a travel diet. Instead, you’re treating yourself to fun foods (i.e., gelato, croissants, or deep-dish pizza). Being constipated is as uncomfortable as it is unhealthy – you definitely don’t want to deal with this when you’re trying to enjoy the views! It's a good idea to bring magnesium citrate or magnesium complex with you to keep things moving, just in case.

4. Worn Out Adrenals

Lack of sleep, stress from wanting to go-go-go, getting to bed late, the stress of finding/using transportation, being on the go for an extended period of time, cramming in activities and sightseeing – all this takes a toll on your adrenals, explaining post-travel exhaustion and a jet lag on steroids. Maybe you’re one of those people who counts quality over quantity when traveling, but even slower-paced traveling can still be tiring. Try going out earlier and set an alarm for yourself when to head back so you can go to sleep earlier. If possible, take some time to rest in the afternoon (convenient when you’re visiting a place that has siesta). Even if you don’t actually sleep, it will still be rejuvenating. Take dietary supplements for adrenal support; ashwagandha, in particular, helps with stress.

Closing Thoughts

There's nothing more fun than heading out on a trip after spending all that time planning the details! It's not uncommon to just want to vacay and put healthy habits on the back burner until you get home, but keeping these few tips in mind while traveling can keep you sustained and energetic so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest without feeling gross a few days into it (especially if you happen to hit your period during that time) or crashing when you get home.

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