3 Old School Dating Tips That Need To Make A Comeback

By Meghan Dillon
·  4 min read
3 old school dating tips that need to make a comeback

I think I can speak for the majority of single women in their 20s when I say that dating in 2020 is exhausting.

With trends like dating apps, casual sex, and ghosting, it’s hard to find a meaningful relationship in such a superficial world. That’s why I think some old school dating tips need to come back in style.


In a culture where ghosting and cheating are becoming more and more common, it almost seems like respect is dead,  It would be unfortunate if respect were truly dead because there is nothing sexier than a man who treats a woman with respect.

There is a biological reason why women want a man who is respectful and chivalrous. Relationship coach Emyli Lovz writes, “If you’ve ever watched the Discovery Channel, you probably noticed that men in the wild are the hunters and also responsible for proving themselves to be more worthy than other competitors in the male species. In nature, the female needs to be selective because she is the one that will be bearing and taking care of children. Even though humans are not doing mating dances and many of the modern population is delaying or completely foregoing having a marriage and children, it can be hard to shake off certain ideas that get instilled early on.”

Only good can come from men being gentlemanly and treating women with respect. 

We might not be hunter-gathers anymore, but only good can come from men being gentlemanly and treating women with respect. As women, we should expect nothing less than respect and chivalry from the men we date. 

Define the Relationship

Our generation has a love-hate relationship with labels, and that includes labeling a relationship. The “define the relationship” conversation is considered to be a dreaded one. With the rise of casual sex, it’s much more common to have a “thing” with someone rather than a relationship.

It can be fun to play the field before you settle down, but it’s important to date to find a good partner. Life is too short to waste it with a guy who refuses to commit to you or call you his girlfriend. At the end of the day, we all want someone to share the rest of our lives with and create our own family. Chances are, you’re not going to grow old with the guy who’s afraid of commitment.

No Casual Sex

It’s no secret that we should date with purpose, but it’s also no secret that we live in a culture of hookups and casual sex. I’m not a fan of cancel culture, but if anything deserves to be canceled, it’s casual sex. Research shows that casual sex can lead to negative psychological effects, and it also influences our perspective on relationships.

Research shows that casual sex can lead to negative psychological effects.

Think about it. If you view sex as the most important thing in a relationship, why get into a long-term relationship? With the rise of dating apps, it’s never been easier to find a hookup for the night. You can swipe right, chat, and do the deed all in one night. If you want to do that, go ahead, but it’s important to remember that it will only provide you short-term satisfaction. Finding a long-term and meaningful relationship is key to finding life-long happiness.

Date Ideas

In the era of Netflix and chill, it can be hard to find someone who wants to date. Even if you’re on a budget, there are plenty of ways to have a fun date without hurting your wallet. You can have a movie night, go out to lunch or dinner somewhere affordable, go out for coffee, go mini-golfing, or grab drinks after work. There are plenty of fun and affordable date ideas, but the focus of every date should be spending quality time together and having fun.

Closing Thoughts

Finding someone who is interested in a committed, long-term relationship is hard, but it’s not impossible. Bringing these old school yet simple dating tips into your life will make dating more fun and purposeful in the long run.

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