25 Sofia Richie-Worthy Pieces That Give “Old Money”

Sofia Richie’s viral wedding took the internet by storm last month, and inspired women everywhere to begin plotting their own “old money” metamorphosis.

By Julie Drake2 min read
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It doesn’t happen often, but once in a great while, when the heavenly bodies are aligned and the cycles are in sync, women of the world stand united on a particular front. And that time is now. What is this universally embraced feminine opinion? In honor of our strict no-gatekeeping policy, we’re not holding back: we're here to collectively say that Sofia Richie’s “old money” aesthetic is it

It’s true – we have yet to meet a woman who does not adore, and want to emulate, the sought-after style. What is prompting this revolution? To us, the answer is clear. Women, ever-evolving creatures that we are, have had it with the flashy, desperate, “anything to get attention” nouveau riche style previously pervasive in our culture (think needy neon bodycon that leaves little to the imagination and much to the “swing and a miss” pile). Women are moving on from the itty bitty ‘kinis and the ultra micro minis. We’re valuing ourselves more and the opinions of others less. Self-care over placating fare. We’re giving refinement and restraint – “quiet luxury,” as it were. In other words, women these days want to be classy, elegant, and super filthy rich.

What does this look like stylistically? Well, evidently a lot like Sofia Richie’s complete rebrand from club habitué to timeless glamor personified. Think Chanel-inspired sophistication à la tweed, neutrals, and tasteful cutouts. Clean girl aesthetic with a side of black card. Preppy, not petty. And while some have characterized the internet’s description of her transformation as “misogynistic,” we’re not so sure. We agree that “a woman’s worth cannot and should not be determined by the clothes she wears,” but Sofia seems genuinely happy, and is clearly coming into her own as an individual – a woman at the top of her aesthetic game. Maybe she’s just opting for unbridled creative expression, a committed, loving relationship, and fully empowered femininity. 

But now that Sofia’s “old money” transformation is apparently complete, it’s someone else’s (your) turn, and we’re here to help. We’ve scoured the virtual country clubs for 25 pieces that give “old money,” and are set to transform your summer vacay – and your life – into the classy fête it was always meant to be.

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