17 Creative Date Ideas For Long-Distance Relationships

Maybe you can’t see him in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic date night.

By Keelia Clarkson3 min read
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Every couple will tell you that one of the most important ingredients in keeping a relationship alive and well is having a regular date night. While it’s easy to let date nights slide the longer you’re together, there’s nothing like having a special, fun, romantic night, just for the two of you to connect.

This all sounds lovely to you, but the only problem? You and your guy are long-distance. You can’t do the basic dinner and a movie date night, can’t meet up with him for a glass of wine and a meal at that new French place around the corner, can’t go for a romantic evening stroll in the park.

So does that mean date nights aren’t possible for you? Certainly not. All it means is that you need to get a little creative to find ways to make date night more than just FaceTiming and catching up on the couch.

Here are our best ideas for long-distance date nights.

1. Make Dinner “Together”

Just because you can’t eat dinner sitting across from each other doesn’t mean it shouldn’t play a part in your date night. Choose a fun, adventurous recipe that neither of you has made before, and cook dinner “together” over FaceTime before sitting down and enjoying dinner with your guy.

2. Go on a Walk “Together”

While you wish you could hold hands on a romantic evening stroll, the next best thing is going on a walk “together”: hopping on FaceTime and both going for a walk in your neighborhood or a nearby park as you talk the afternoon away.

3. Go Stargazing

There are few things as romantic as stargazing with your guy. Lay down a blanket in your backyard, make a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy his virtual presence as you gaze up at the sky, talking about anything and everything – until you’re about ready to fall asleep.

4. Do a Scavenger Hunt

If you’re in the mood for a more adventurous, active date night, you can’t go wrong with a scavenger hunt. Organize a list of random items for each of you to locate (you could try coming up with a list of specific clothing items and going to GoodWill to make it challenging). Whoever wins gets to pick which movie you both watch that night.

5. Door Dash It

The best way to your guy’s heart? Through his stomach, of course. If you want to have dinner together but are too tired to cook anything, each of you can place a surprise order for the other on DoorDash.

6. Do a Paint and Sip Night

Get your creative juices flowing “together.” Pour a glass of wine to sip on, grab some painting supplies, and maybe even pop on a Bob Ross video. There are no rights or wrongs – just have fun with it!

7. Download the Paired App

The Paired app is one that you and your guy will keep coming back to. Packed with all kinds of quizzes, tests, relationship checkups, and so many other incredible features, it’s perfect for long-distance couples looking to feel more connected.

8. Plan a Vacation Together

You’re not in each other’s presence currently, but that doesn’t mean you never will be. Plan for the day when you and your guy will meet up, whether reuniting or meeting for the first time. Create a mood board, put together a themed playlist, and get excited about all the possibilities!

9. Exchange Secret Goodie Packages

This date requires a little bit of planning, but it’ll be worth it. Send each other secret care packages (packed with goodies like fancy chocolate, a new book, or some nice beard oil) and open them together over FaceTime.

10. Play Truth or Dare

Want to be daring for your date night? Do things a little bit differently this time and play a few virtual rounds of truth or dare for a unique, adventurous, lively virtual date night.

11. Do a Virtual Murder Mystery Night

If you and your guy are big fans of true crime, this is the perfect date night idea. Order a detective mystery box for each of you and spend the evening solving a murder together.

12. Take a Personality Quiz

There’s always more to discover about your boyfriend, right? Spend a date night taking a personality quiz together and then discussing what you’ve learned about each other, as well as yourselves.

13. Host a Book Club for Two

Couples who read together stay together. If you and your guy are literature lovers, pick out a book to read together over the course of a few weeks. Then, host a book club date night for the two of you.

14. Have a Spa Night

Couldn’t we all use a trip to the spa? In lieu of going to an actual spa with your guy, have a virtual spa night at home. Get a couple of home spa kits and spend the evening relaxing together.

15. Take a Virtual Cooking Class

Looking to step up your culinary skills? Try taking a virtual cooking class from one of the greats on Masterclass with your guy. This way, you can enjoy each other’s company while you’re cooking and while you feast afterward.

16. Have a Cocktail Night

Play bartender for the evening and whip up your favorite cocktail to sip on while you chat the evening away. Don’t forget to load up on fun snacks beforehand.

17. Watch a Movie “Together”

Movies are a classic date night staple, and just because you won’t physically be in each other’s presence doesn’t mean you can’t make a movie night of it. Grab something tasty to feast on, get cozy on the couch, and push play at the same time.

Closing Thoughts

Being in a long-distance relationship certainly doesn’t mean you can’t do regular date nights – you’ll just have to get creative to add some romance and variety to your FaceTime sessions.

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