15 TikTok Accounts Every Feminine Woman Needs On Her FYP

By Andrea Mew
·  7 min read
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Suddenly, TikTok offers so much more than just viral dance videos and silly memes to laugh at.

Amid all the humorous content out there, TikTok has surprisingly become an unmatched source for beauty tips, skincare hacks, fashion inspo, and just overall good, feminine vibes. When you’re looking to sink deep into your FYP after a long day, try watching these users for the most beautiful, worthwhile content!

Nails: @heygreatnails, a.k.a. Aistė Haas

Aistė posts trending nail art inspo, easy manicure tutorials, and general handcare tips to keep your skin and nails neat and tidy. She’s got a look for every season, occasion, and mood that you’d want the perfect mani to match! I love her page because of how easy it is to get lost in the precise, artistic, and aesthetically pleasing nail polish jobs she shows off. 

Makeup: @minazibayi, a.k.a. Mina

Mina makes short makeup tutorials, demos trending products, scouts out luxury dupes, and swatches makeup product collections. If you’re eyeing a new lipstick, strobing highlighter, or bronzing stick, but have no idea how it might look on you, chances are Mina has done a look with it! I love her page because of her takes on all the latest makeup product and application trends and her timeless beauty.

Makeup: @daniellemarcan, a.k.a. Danielle Marcan

Danielle says it well in her TikTok bio: “i paint my face.” Model and red carpet regular, Danielle posts GRWM videos for any and every occasion, skincare routines, her take on makeup trends, and even costume makeup. I love watching her review the latest makeup launches, be super real in her GRWM videos, and get a glimpse at all the beautiful places and star-studded events she travels to for her work.

Hair: @shannbailee, a.k.a. Shannon Bailee

Shann makes curly hairstyling videos, curates hair health tips, and posts undeniably charming lifestyle content. Many of her TikTok videos are tailored to curly hair tips and tricks, but I also love her page because Shann gives us a glimpse into her picturesque life with makeup tutorials, skincare rituals, GRWM videos, and takes us along with her on her travels.

Hair: @shaysullivann, a.k.a. Shay Sullivan

Shay technically ticks boxes as a leader in two categories: hair and makeup inspo. She tests out the latest hair styling tools, shows you how to properly use popular ones, and demos hair styling products, but also shows you how to do simple yet classic makeup looks. I love her page because of the flirty, fresh vibes that her bouncy hair tutorials give and her interpretations of the latest beauty trends circulating TikTok.

Style: @clairerose, a.k.a. Claire Rose

Claire is trés chic and shows you how to style yourself in any weather and on any occasion. She films herself unboxing the latest trends, posts GRWM content, shows off the types of outfits she wore while traveling to Paris, New York, the runway, you name it, and of course, seasonal outfit inspo. I love how classic her styling choices are and how easy she makes it to take inspiration from her outfits and do it myself.

Style: @hadeelelmadhoon, a.k.a. Hadeel Elmadhoon

Hadeel makes fashion and styling videos tailored toward sophisticated looks. She curates closet essentials, posts seasonal and occasion-based outfit inspo, and shows you how to style less revealing clothes in a way that’s undeniably smart, stylish, and on-trend. I love her page because of how she styles coats, blazers, trousers, and other articles of clothing in a totally feminine way, as well as her endless feed of outfit ideas.

Style: @whatverowears, a.k.a. Veronika Molnar

Veronika is a fashion influencer who excels in styling the more adventurous fashion trends. She shows off trendy fashion and high-end brand dupes, demos how to rock statement pieces, teaches you how to style trending basics, and posts OOTD inspo. I love her creative and experimental fashion taste that teaches me how I could wear pieces I might not otherwise have any idea how to style.

Style: @carolinafreixa, a.k.a. Carolina Freixa

Carolina posts all things fashion inspo and styling hacks. She finds the best spots to buy on-trend pieces, shows you how to style yourself for any occasion in GRWM videos, and teaches you different ways to wear the things that might just be collecting dust in your closet. I love her effortless beauty, contemporary looks, and how she’s got an eye for any city’s top aesthetics.

Style: @bodyandstyle, a.k.a. Ellie-Jean Royden

Ellie-Jean is a Kibbe body type expert who teaches you how to dress based on your body type. She analyzes celebrity body types so you can emulate their looks, shows you how to dress in your color season, and instructs on how you can pair your style essence with your unique body type. I love how bingeable her celeb body type analysis videos are and how she has a style solution for any woman’s body.

Wellness: @theholisticpsychologist, a.k.a. Dr. Nicole LePera

Dr. LePera shares her expert psychological insights on TikTok using a more holistic perspective. She shares bite-sized tips and guidance on all things mental health, from dating to healing from trauma to emotional maturity to self-confidence and more. I love how thoughtful, yet relatable her approach is and how she packages up powerful messages in easily watchable videos.

Wellness: @drsarubala, a.k.a. Dr. Saru Bala

Dr. Bala is an expert on all things women’s health and spills the tea on topics that mainstream health officials don’t want to cover. As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, she makes videos about how to manage PMS, fix your fertility, handle reproductive health disorders, and balance your hormones. I love how she specializes in healing hormonal imbalances from PMS, heavy bleeding, fertility concerns, Hashimoto’s, and everything in between with herbs and supplements instead of or before turning to medications.

Wellness: @_healthyhoney, a.k.a. Audrey Coats

Audrey posts all things health-related from a holistic perspective. She’s got you covered if you’re looking for the most nourishing recipes, snacking dupes and hacks, hormone-focused sleep tips, and even all the deets on vitamins and minerals you might be deficient in. I love how real she is about health, especially the less sexy topics like bloating, cramping, low energy, and more!

Lifestyle: @jessicawangofficial, a.k.a. Jessica Wang

Jessica is a professional model and proud mother who brings her kids along for the ride when she jet-sets around the world. She’s an expert in tips on posing for photos, boosting your self-confidence, and I'm kind of obsessed with her obsession with her family. I love how she gives me both a realistic and aspirational glimpse into the life of a model, but doesn’t shy away from sharing her beauty secrets and work-life balance guidance.

Lifestyle:, a.k.a. Anya Klyueva

Anya is a street and travel photographer who adventures around the world and showcases global beauty. She scopes out all of the most unique, niche travel locations and aesthetic landmarks to visit, and each of her videos is arguably some of the most visually pleasing clips on TikTok. I love how peaceful the locations are that she travels to and that she gives me endless vacation inspo.

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, being mindful about the type of content we watch can have a major influence on our mindset. If you want to be a more feminine and positive woman, following people who inspire you instead of making you feel gross or negative is the way to go. If you struggle with self-confidence because you’re taking in too much content from influencers showing off a fantasy life or if you struggle with positivity because you’re watching too much degrading content, you should curate your FYP to uplift your lifestyle instead of dragging you down. Choosing to watch people who will have a good impact on your psyche and give you realistic aspirations will pay off in dividends as you grow in your femininity!

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