How To Naturally Balance Mood Swings And Hormones During PMS

Periods bring cramps, mood swings, and overall discomfort. Because of this, millions of women are on hormonal birth control to regulate their periods.

By Tamar Hugoboom2 min read
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But aside from the undeniable harm that the pill has caused millions of women since its invention, there are other (and healthier) ways to keep you off an emotional rollercoaster during menstruation. It starts by understanding your body.

Menstrual challenges are usually the result of faulty metabolism of female hormones, deficiencies, and imbalances. Today, we're tackling mood swings and hormonal imbalance. Let's dive in...

Understanding Menstrual Mood Swings and Irritability

Mood swings and irritability during your period are often characterized by symptoms of low blood sugar, abnormal metabolism or deficiency of hormones, or physical and emotional stress. Sometimes these conditions are more serious than we would care to admit.

Low Blood Sugar

This can include light-headedness, inability to concentrate, fatigue, and cravings for sugar or simple carbs.

Improper Metabolism or Deficiency of Hormones

In the past when people spoke of Vitamin E, it usually concerned enhancing the production of sexual hormones. Vitamin E is also essential for the proper metabolism of hormones.

Vitamin E is usually lacking in the refined American diet. Synthetic estrogen also interferes with its absorption and activity, as does chlorine in drinking water and swimming pools.

Mental or Emotional Stress

Elevated levels of estrogen cause adrenaline to surge in the body. It also appears to block B6, which is key to stabilizing both blood sugar levels and moods.

According to the late Dr. Paavo Airola, estrogen medication or the Pill causes abnormal mineral metabolism of zinc and copper: When copper is high, the elevated levels lead to feeling down. When zinc is low, the deficiency can lead to depression, even psychosis.

Preventing Mood Swings and Irritability

  1. Eat small meals with protein throughout the day.

  2. Consider supplementing with GTF Chromium.

  3. Eat foods rich in Vitamin E.

  4. Consider additional supplementation with Vitamin E.

  5. Eliminate all synthetic estrogens.

  6. Ditch plastic food storage containers and use glass Mason jars or Pyrex instead.

  7. If formally prescribed synthetic estrogen, consider restoring B6 levels.

  8. Consider taking Omega 3's throughout the month to keep your hormone levels balanced. Evie loves the Omega Women by Nordic Naturals because it has the perfect balance of Omegas, Primrose, and other beneficial vitamins.

Closing Thoughts

Your body's ability to withstand stress of any nature is in direct proportion to your overall health. So before hitting the drug store, calling in sick, and loading up on chocolate while binge-watching your favorite Netflix show, consider correcting imbalances and deficiencies in your body by following the tips laid out above. You've unlocked some age-old secrets that could have you taking on the world, stress-free, with little-to-no pain the next time those red days roll around.