15 Romantic Fall Dates To Plan With Your Man

So long, summer beach dates. It’s time to start planning dates for the most wonderful time of the year – autumn.

By Keelia Clarkson3 min read
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It’s nearly time again for the streets to be dressed with a blanket of gorgeous leaves, to pull out your cute chunky sweaters and adorable pairs of boots, and to start baking pumpkin-flavored treats again because fall, every woman’s favorite time of year, is almost here. 

But the arrival of fall doesn’t only mean it’s time to change up your wardrobe. It also means it’s time to plan a bunch of fall-only date ideas to go on with your man, to make the absolute most of this season that we wait all year long for.

Here are 15 dates you need to plan with your guy this fall.

Grab a PSL and Go for a Walk

Nothing says fall like a pumpkin spiced latte! Embrace your "basic" nature, put on your cutest fall outfit, grab a couple of lattes, and go for a leisurely stroll in a pretty neighborhood. Enjoy the autumn leaves, the crisp air, and the Halloween decorations.

Have a Scary Movie Night In

One thing is for sure: Scary movies and fall go hand-in-hand. This one is perfect for a rainy, moody night. Pick out a creepy movie neither one of you has seen, cook up something tasty or order in, and spend the evening cuddled up as you anticipate the jump scares. (Alternatively, you could just watch Twilight again.)

Go Apple Picking

Looking to get out and enjoy the beautiful, not-too-hot, not-too-cold weather? Try going apple picking with your guy. September is the best time to pick apples. Plus, you can use the apples you gather for our next suggestion…

Bake Autumnal Goodies Together

Apple pie, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, and brown sugar chocolate chip cookies, oh my! Baking is fun year-round, but there’s something extra special about whipping together treats in the fall. Get adventurous in the kitchen together and bake something autumnal – and, of course, indulge in it right away.

Have a Pumpkin Carving Night

Is this suggestion a bit on the messy side? Yes. But is it also incredibly fun? Absolutely. Grab a couple of pumpkins and a carving kit, put down some newspaper, and get your hands dirty. Be sure to take pictures in the process – your pumpkin carving night is a memory you’ll want to keep forever.

Shop and Decorate for Fall Together

Fall is all about the aesthetic. Go shopping together and pick up some cute decorations, from fall-themed throw pillows to cute dish towels, pretty candles to orange fairy lights. Decorate together and bask in the fall vibes

Take a Hike

Hiking isn’t only for the summer! While it’s bound to be on the chillier side in the fall (which an extra layer will fix), autumn is known for its bright, breathtaking foliage. Enjoy it up close by going for a short hike with your guy – and maybe even explore the cutest nearby town after for lunch.

Paint in the Park

Sometimes a picture can’t do a view justice. But instead of doing nothing at all, try painting it. Get a couple of paint kits, pack a few snacks, go to your favorite park (even if it’s a bit of a drive), and spend the afternoon painting whatever you see. 

Set Up Camp and Make a Fire

Now is the time to get in a camping trip before it’s too cold! Head to a spot an hour or two away, set up camp for the night, make a fire (if it’s safe to), and swap stories under the night sky. If you do start a fire, make sure to put it out correctly. If you can’t start a fire, bring a few lanterns for the same effect.

Go Halloween Costume Shopping

Let’s be honest – one of the most fun things about fall is picking out a Halloween costume. Get started on your Halloween plans and go shopping for your costumes together. Stop by Halloween-themed pop-up stores or go thrifting to really make a day of it.

Rent Out an Airbnb Cabin in the Mountains

Did someone say cabin in the woods? Take a break from the chaos of everyday life and plan a weekend away with your man. Find a private cabin to rent in the mountains, the woods, or a secluded area and enjoy a few days off the grid.

Take a Roadtrip to a Small Town

There’s nothing wrong with city dwelling, but sometimes, it’s nice to escape the hustle and bustle and spend some time elsewhere. Take a little road trip to a nearby small town, explore the bookstores, antique stores, and coffee shops, take a walk along the small roads, get dinner at the local diner, and have fun pretending you live in Stars Hollow for a day.

Visit a Cidery

Cider is the autumn drink, aside from PSLs. If you’re in the mood for it, find a cidery near you and make the drive out there to enjoy freshly-made cider, good food, and fun fall feels with your guy. 

Make Candles Together

Candles are an absolute must during the fall. But they can also get a bit expensive, or be filled with artificial scents you don’t love. So get a couple of candle-making kits, put on a classic autumn-y rom-com, and make a few candles together.

Check Out Local Festivals

You never know what might be happening just a short drive away! Check out the local fairs and festivals your city or town might be putting on this fall. From Oktoberfest fun to a corn maze to live music to pumpkin shows, there’s sure to be something fun to do.

Closing Thoughts

Fall is fleeting, so get started on these dates as soon as possible, and you’ll be ready by the time December comes to curl up by the fire and stay in for the next couple of months.

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